Monday, January 12, 2009

"so if you're gonna get made, don't be afraid of what you've learned."

~blitzen trapper

oh, kelly thank you, thank you for the new tunes. I totally needed them. and? it is always a pleasant reminder that things always end up working out--I mean, two thanksgivings ago I am totally bummed out after my very recent breakup, I am flying to portland to hang out with my awesome friend jeremy and his awesome friends kim and atanas, I am a little bit of an emotional wreck, and on the plane I happen to mention how ridiculous it is that they're playing christmas carols on thanksgiving DAY, and the two seats next to me are open, so this cool dude ends up sharing my row. we talk music, play scrabble, and for crying out loud he finally finds me through GOOGLE. (we didn't exchange info, just enjoyed one another's company) it was at a time when we both needed a friend, and here we are, still friends and still sharing music two years later. and we are both in MUCH better places in our lives. I like it. :)


so. friday night was beerage with the teacher-age. I hadn't seen matt's teacher friends in a while so it was a nice change of pace. ham's in chapel hill was the place, which honestly was a smidge sketch-er-oo until matt came and helped me find the correct parking lot, which wasn't sketch at all. we drank THREE towers of beers. there were seven of us who helped, but I think matt, lance and I had the lion's share. these guys were $10 a piece for yuengling and contained 7 beers. what?!? that's crazy cheap. I even got to talk to the non-teacher about website design.

we stayed waaaaaay waaaaaay longer than I expected to. waaaaaay. but I had a lot of fun so I am SO not complaining.

saturday was a rough day. in the morning I didn't feel so good. I didn't want to get out of bed. I didn't want to wear any of the clothes I have. I didn't want to do anything! but I had those pictures to take, so I went...and I am glad I did. I'll show you some more soon! the manager was really nice and I even got to tell him about how awesome 50 mm lenses are. :)

AND Nicole and I booked our first wedding photography gig together saturday afternoon/evening! we are both EXCITED!

after that I went to Derek and Courtney's for a bit, had Moes and interesting conversation with Courtney and Nicole, and then went home to prepare for helping with pref night stuff at Duke. I had a REALLY hard time finding the right building, and one girl took FOR.EV.ER to decide where she was going. Like, 45 min. I saw her concerns, but it definitely took A LOT of patience. Oh well. And by the time that was over I had started to feel pretty crappy again...

which is why I ended up going to urgent care on sunday. my throat was WAY swollen and I had this weird cough in my chest, and I was having trouble taking a deep breath. ibuprofen helped a little, but I was also losing my voice. the provider on call told me I needed my chest x-rayed, and I didn't it ended up that it was just part of this ick I've been having, but I was glad I went since they told me new meds to get. I was SO mad though 'cause I'd been feeling better, and I wouldn't have gone out on Saturday if I thought I was still sick and not like 85% all better. UGH.

so sunday I rested. and slept. and watched tv. and chilled the hell out. I have more of my voice today and I'm feeling a bit better, but definitely not all good, UGH!

and today has been...busy. like, three meetings, hardly sat at my desk at all busy. yeesh.


KaritaG said...

I went to urgent care on Friday! I've now bought over $300 worth of meds and am on two antibiotics and a round of steroids...nice. Can't wait to get my bill from the UC visit...hope you feel better soon!

Del said...

That's beer in there? How amazing. I am wanting to visit again to experience this beer phenomenon.


Justin said...

Ham's is one of the major reasons I survived my experience in Chapel Hill. Bacon cheese fries and $5 beer towers (it pays to know the manager) :) Say hi to AC the next time you go there. To get on his good side, ask him about his baby! And don't forget to get bacon cheese fries next time.

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