Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"I brought you all here to discuss, as I must, the fate of my children of the spiders"

~a surprise to the whoever can guess the name of this song without googling. :)

One of the songs on Kelly's new cd made me think of this band I loved in college, one that my cousin introduced me to. ALL of their songs are catchy. This one is about music critics, or so they say!

After class this morning I had a funny little revelation about how much I like some of my classmates, and how thankful I am that I took an on-campus class when I did so that I can meet them. They are really interesting, genuine people. Three of us stood in the hall after class and talked about cameras and lenses and pictures and anyway, it was fun. I liked it.

So I am definitely still sick. Which is not fun. And Matt seems to be getting worse, so double whammy of ickness. It really stinks when they say "just let it run its course..."

Last night I stayed at work until ~815 working on things for the greenhouse gas project, matt and I enjoyed some mexican food and I got to go to target to get these elusive pens. I told myself I could get them on Sunday, and alas, they were not to be found at target OR staples, they were sold out. However, I found them at another target last night and got to use them in class today. :) I miiiiiight have picked the restaurant partially due to its proximity to target! maybe.

Oh and I meant to show you my binder. Mine is actually a steely blue/green, but it's the same thing. The chipboard part is recyclable! And the middle steel part is too, if steel recycling is available in your neighborhood (I am not sure if it is here). You just use a dime to twist the steel loose and ta-da! I was going to get one from greenroom eco, but I couldn't resist one that in addition to being 100% recycled was also 100% recyclable. Bonus!

I haven't been nearly as productive as I should have been today, so it's time to get back to the grindstone.


Jax said...

Yeah, I dunno the song.. But, I DO like the binder! :) And Im sorry you're still sicky, lovely. Boo.

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