Friday, January 30, 2009

call me butter.

'cause I'm a on roll!

-on Tuesday night I was doing my homework and lo! and behold! the answer in the back of the book did not match mine. I did it FOUR different ways. And kept getting the same thing. I even had Matt look at it, and he was getting the same thing. And you know what? I emailed the professor and guess what--the book was WRONG. :) I like out-smarting text books. It makes me feel good!
-At class on Thursday I got my first homework back. It was about cow farts and how the amount of methane emitted actually increases when they're fed grass...and guess who got a 100?!? I didn't get a since 100% all of last semester (though I did get a 99 on my quiz on my birthday--but still, that's no 100!) and I DID I DID I DID! Yay for hard work paying off.
-I figured out how to do some adobe stuff all on my own. And spruced up my site. Check it. And, because I'm extra happy about it, here's a screenshot.

-I am going to put "substantially exceeded" for my professional development. Because it's TRUE. WOOHOO!
-After dinner with Jennifer (mmm sushi) on Monday I decided that I really needed to, as she put it, "live more authentically." Which for me, means a lot of trusting my gut, which I really was putting to the wayside in favor of, say, justifications or appearances. To that I say, no more!
-Additionally, Bible study makes me happy. It is amazing to hear other people with different ways of experiencing God, and to hear that maybe you aren't so nuts for thinking the way you think.

The two best parts (for me) of yesterday (other than, of course, the people there!) were:

1. the realization that my whole mindset of "someone did this for me, I want to return the favor to someone else" isn't just some cockeyed concept--it's real. It's ministry. It's hospitality. It's love. People can do the littlest or the biggest things, and it's all a part of humanity. And as silly as it made me sound, it made me feel better about and understand more fully why I feel that since I got to be a Girl Scout and Youth Group Member and Kappa Delta and athlete and so many other things, I should do what I can to give that chance to someone else, because it is real and worthwhile. (note: perhaps I should do fewer at once, I realize, but still--you get it, right?) It was one of those moments where suddenly everything that was blurry came fully into focus. And I liked it.

2. these lyrics, by one o' my fave bands, The Avett Brothers. Chelsea pointed them out after and they are so applicable.

Nobody will say
Oh what a fine young upstanding man
With his ducks in a row and his 50 year plan
Complete with an ending
But it's getting harder to see
And the time between daylight seems longer to me
And the person I am and the person I'll be
Refuse to meet

Lessons to learn and things to think about, hmm?

So, as many of you have already mentioned, it's February Eve-Eve. And you know what? This year I think I'm going to be okay with it. Me and the Feb aren't going to be buddy-buddy, but I've had my slump and I am out of it! So at the risk of eating my words later if I declared something like "so take that, Feb!" or "neener-neener!" I will simply say--I am having a February-can-be-Fun party all month, want to come? We'll wear hats and drink good beer. :)


Greg said...

On Cow Farts and Grass:
While it is true that a cow, fed grass in a feed-lot operation, emits more methane, if a cow is grazed at pasture, it may emit more methane, but! the manure hits the grass and decomposes much more efficiently, while at the same time providing a raw material for flies to lay their eggs in. While this sounds initially bad, if you follow the cows with some chickens, the chickens will go around and eat all the grubs, yeilding food for them that's better for them, as well as a very efficient and much more carbon friendly decomposition of the manure. A feed-lot grass-fed cow's manure is going to end up in a waste lagoon, where is turns into all sorts of bad nastiness for everything.

care said...

you are right, right, right! and very well put!

part of it was about how if you're counting cows as an emission source then you're not really getting the whole picture. something else that has to be considered is the type of fertilizer used to grow the grass (cow manure alone isn't sufficient when we're talking about actual cattle farms). If you're talking life-cycle, grass fed is better even is more methane is emitted because overall (in general) the emissions of all sorts of stuff go down. :)

Suzanne said...

OOH I want to come to the party! and a sushi night sometime. Also, strangely, I read some article in a magazine a friend had on New Year's Eve about some group of people wanting to pass a law making cow farmers report to the EPA how much methane theirs cows produce and if that meets environmental regulations like other businesses have. Good job on your homework!

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