Tuesday, January 27, 2009

boone--aka carrie the exorcist

so, I have to say, I was a tinge nervous about boone--I mean, we didn't know everyone, we were getting there late, I didn't know if I was going to get to ski or not, and I am a monster if I get woken up early and someone expects me to be productive.

we actually had A TON of fun. I mean, I *might* have sounded a little like the exorcist when the kitchen folk woke me up to ask where the coffee was, but other than that it was great!!! Some highlights...

-apples to apples! though some didn't like it that I read the definition of every card, we determined that discovering america was quite manly (in the hey-you-get-out-of-my-way kind of way) and my new friend heather and I were SO on the same wavelength.
-claudia makes a delicious breakfast!
-and lisa makes a heck of a pasta dish. mmm!
-we ate apple pie, dammit. (trust me on that one)
-gained a new appreciation for bandaid brand products--had it not been for the medical tape that paul had I would not have been able to ski (stupid toe! long story involving stumbling sleepy carrie, meowing cats and a metal picture frame) and had it not been for their waterproof bandaids, no hot tubbing either.
-it is actually, really possible for lisa and I to have a quiet conversation. previously we figured we were even loud over email, ha! but yes, quiteness.
-murphy is an adorable doggie.
-and geocaching is fun!
-my boyfriend is a big kid. or a monkey.
-always make sure you have all your gear *before* you head to the mountain.
-ski patrol people are kind of jerky.
-forks, knives and spoons make cute cabinet pulls.
-mushrooms do not.
-fake deer heads are cuter than real ones.
-fires can be mysteriously lit, apparently.

after we left on sunday matt and I visited linville falls, too. pretty pretty. kind of random to see this man in pajama pants leading four little boys all through the woods. he talked like boomhauer from king of the hill. but there were fun pictures from that, too. here are some of my faves:


Lisa said...

very nice list, it indeed was a blast. and seriously you just figured out your boyfriend was a kit/monkey? ;) Of course my boyfriend wanted to climb the fireplace...

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