Tuesday, December 09, 2008

tomorrow, I post

today, I finish trying to be productive, climb and have beer.

I took my final today. It was okay. There were parts I TOTALLY didn't review and TOTALLY made up, but that's alright. It took me 3 hours and then I said "no mas!" and left. I think people were there much longer than that. And my prof was in a bad mood, and totally unaware that I had emailed him TWICE to see if my paper had made it into his hot little hands. icks.

so...it's been a bit of a photography extravaganza recently. five mini-sessions and three full sessions this weekend, what?!? TOO FUN! we are editing them as fast as we can, it's a tad nuts!

tomorrow is matt's birthday (thankfully I already have his present!) and choir and then things begin to slow down ever so slightly, thank goodness!

oh, and, so I left the house at 710 to get to the test today. and lookie what I saw. I call it "pollution sunrise." in honor of the aforementioned thermodynamic sunset. and yes, I will be painting it.

mmmmmkay...more reading and commenting and thinking about how I'm leaving in forty some odd minutes. :)


Lisa said...

super cool photo!

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