Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"you're just good at LIFE!"

~janice, last night at brixx after saying go to grad school? and have a full time job? and a photography business? and you have friends and rock climb and do other things? I have no idea how you do it--you're just good at LIFE!" It made me smile.

runner up quote "I HOPE you didn't see a dead cat walking around!"~lisa

AAAAAAh, the blissful days of not having to study. I have ooooooodles and oooooooodles of photos to edit, but nary a class for which to study. thank the Good Lord in Heaven.


okay, so let's cut to the chase. I have not been sharing my greenness with you recently, but I have a couple of things
a) if everyone were to clean out their lint traps very thoroughly, and also clean out the piping that runs from the dryer to outside? we could all increase the efficiency of our dryers by up to 30%!
b) I might have to move to Toronto. Like, now. They have given a big "Hell-to-the-no!," as my friend Sydney C would say, to water bottles. by 2011 they won't be sold on any municipal property. Holy friggin crap this is AMAZING! Now, one qualifier: people NEED water. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to carry around a water bottle at all times. I realize this. Men in business suits and women in formal gowns just don't have a place to put it. But this is still really positive news. and charging people for plastic bags?!? FABOO! (thanks greg for passing this along!)

I have more to tell involves the US Senate, the other a pie chart...but you aren't getting those today.

Other things
-today is Matt's birthday. He's the big 29. Which is NOT. OLD. If you are older than that? You get to say it's old. Or if you are under the age of 21. But all you 22-28 year olds who have said in response "wow, he's old!"--not to be rude, but grow up a little! If you have been there? You can say it's old. Maybe when I go to target today I will buy a pacifier and give it to the next person who says that to him. Ha! I think this bothers me more than I realize!! Maybe it's only because like, oh, seventeen people said that to me in October when I turned 28, and now they're all saying it to Matt. So. Helpful. Seriously...anyway. ending that little rant, where did THAT come from?
-my neck reallyreallyreally hurts. like, a lot. like, I think I might need to see a professional. perhaps it is to blame for the rant!
-I am sore from climbing yesterday, and that makes me happy.
-Additionally, a girl I know (and probably many of you know) from Tulsa came climbing yesterday! She was there randomly a few weeks ago, and I invited her to join us again yesterday. Her name is Kat. Her last name is Ma-(the slits fishies use to breathe). Or gills. Get it? right. Just trying to avoid the googlebot.

Ummmmm...yeah. That's it. Time to finish up here and go to choir. And then CELEBRATE! yay for Matt!


Claudia said...

happy birthday to matt... and in case those 17 people didn't know, 29 is still young... its 30 that's the kicker. :)

Tova Darling said...

I did NOT know that cleaning out my dryer piping would make my dryer more efficient! Thanks for the tip! Guess what I'll be doing when I get home? :)

David said...

You should totally move to Toronto. Then you'd only be a few hours away.

In other eco-Canadian-news...

US Gov't tax incentives for buying a high-efficiency furnace: $150

Canadian Gov't rebates for buying a high-efficiency furnace: $2100

In addition to cleaning out your dryer pipe / lint doohickeys...make sure you have your furnace cleaned once a year or so (both primary and secondary heat exchanger) will increase the efficiency at minimal cost. Also, you can buy 2" aluminum tape in the store and tape up the seams on all the ducting you can get to in order to increase heating efficiency (oh, and a home energy audit is also highly recommended).

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