Monday, December 01, 2008

"crap! you know what this means? now I'm gonna be a statistic."


uh...yeah. at 330 am they decided that they think he has e. coli. they aren't *sure* about it, but it seems the most likely. it's a bit of a hail mary pass, but they gave him an antibiotic that typically does not cause more of the symptoms he's been having. so, he gave them another sample, they took out the IV and gave us discharge papers. yeehaw.

also--random. saw the guy, brandon, who used to live across the street from me at my old apartment. he works there. he "sped things up" for us, which I appreciated. :)

so, now we wait. antibiotics, lots of fluids, tylenol/ibuprofen as needed and some other medicines matt probably doesn't want me to mention on his blog. :)

we've also been over it in our heads a hundred times--there's not anything that Matt ate that no one else ate, except for a frozen egg breakfast thing. e. coli can survive freezing, but that sucker was properly microwaved, and it just seems like a very unlikely source (I mean, it had been frozen for a LONG time). yuck. we may never know what caused it.

so, I am SUPER tired (~6.5 hours of sleep!) and now it's time to get up and get ready for work. boo. perhaps I shall participate in a wee bit of cyber monday shopping today. and it will be nice to take a shower--I didn't take one yesterday AT ALL (by the time I got back from the pharmacy we went to urgent care, then I worked on my paper and then we went to the emergency room) yikes.

ps: do you like this layout better? I think I do. for today, anyway!


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