Monday, December 01, 2008

i. am. out.

of sympathy.
and warm fuzzies.
and energy.
and time.

I am kind of having the sensation that my feet are moving faster than my body and head possibly can, and they are running away from me before I can really accomplish anything that I need to accomplish. I am VERY tired and terribly grumpy and I want my paper to magically write itself. My home is a disaster and my schedule is pretty damn scary. Yikes.

but, at least I have leftover pumpkin pie to munch on, and I have lots of yummy tea to drink, and I know it will all be over soon. I have something to do every single day 15th. not counting work of course. I am looking forward to the holidays, let me tell you what. Even if they are full, they won't involve deadlines. :)


M. said...

Man oh man. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, pumpkin pie is never a leftover! Plus, it counts as a vegetable--gotta love that fiber!

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