Monday, December 01, 2008


yes, I just titled a post urine. I'm in the hospital, I'm sleepy and annoyed. sue me.

so: little valuable lesson for, like, the rest of your potentially-visiting-the-hospital life--go pee as soon as you can. we'd been waiting for some other instructions (since ~1145 or midnight, it's now 110) and I finally saw our nurse in the hall and asked "did you want him to do such-and-such?. um yeah, she did, just like both doctors had said--and she got our stuff.

I asked how long blood work takes--usually an hour. which means it should be coming up very soon.
I asked how long the other thing takes--it's brief.
And I asked how long the urine analysis takes--and that, my friends, is another hour. If she had just given us everything we needed when we needed it we would be good to go. But noooooope. Instead we are going to get to wait for ANOTHER HOUR. god, we're going to be here until three. and it's totally unnecessary.

I am definitely not going to work in the morning. in less than eight hours. yuck.

lessons I've learned so far: get a visitor pass when you come in, pee in a cup as soon as possible and if you go to duke's cafeteria you're going to have to pass through a metal detector to get back to the exam rooms.


m-m-m-melissa said...

dude, your hospital ordeal SUUUUCKS. but at least your new layout is cute, yes? yes. i hope your boy gets to feeling better.

jackie said...

WOW.. WOW. WOW. What ended up happening?

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