Saturday, November 29, 2008

thanks-mas ho-hos!

wednesday after working, packing, kitty prep and getting my oil changed, we headed to augusta with a quick stop for sonic and another for hobby lobby. (we're still having trouble deciding on stockings, so let me know if you've got suggestions of where we could look!)

we got in, hung out and went to bed at a not-at-all-reasonable hour. It was good to be here, and even better to be asleep. :)

thursday morning began our thanksmas day. first: an 830 wakeup call to come open stockings from Santa's special trip to visit us. The little girls both got lots of fun (and noisy!) gifts, and the adults all came away with useful, yummy and wanted things--I got tea, socks, a book and money to go buy myself something special. TOO fun!

the girls also LOVE nesting dolls, and Katlyn got a set of snowmen ones. see?

after breakfast together pretty much everyone took a nap, and then the cooking began. a lot of it was just heating things up, but we had A TON of food--there were ten of us, so that's not too surprising!! and it was GOOD. the only thing I missed was sweet potatoes, but the stuffing, potatoes and mac and cheese made up for that. :)

that night we watched Wall-E, which everyone enjoyed but not as much as we thought we would, and played on the Wii. And giggled with the girls. Bridget had me read her a book (pictures to come!) and Katlyn put a pacifier right into Matt's mouth! Too funny!

Friday we got up and guess who made a special early visit? SANTA himself! (seriously, folks, that beard is REAL!) Santa knows my name but prefers to call me "paparazzi" which is pretty funny. We managed to get some cute pictures even though both girls were scared of "ho-ho." I'll be putting a few up on my business site, so keep an eye out! Matt and I briefly ventured out to buy some shoes (a birthday pair for him, and a pair for me too) and to go to the liquor store for wine for the night and alcohol for his sister and brother-in-law to take back to canada.

and then it happened. :( Matt was sick. Like, 102.5 fever sick. And guess what happens when Matt gets sick? He becomes EXTRA sarcastic and EXTRA difficult and sometimes downright mean. Good thing I love him AND I had backup--his family has seen this side of him and knew what to do. :) His fever went down a bit while we watched The Polar Express, but this morning it was high again. I'm actually about to go wake him up and see how he's doing so we can decide for sure if we're heading back tonight--the other kids are already on their way home, and I realized I left my paper stuff at our place, so going tonight would be ideal as long as Matt is feeling okay. Guess i'll find out soon!

things I am thankful for:
-my family.
-and matt's family. and how I feel like one of the gang. :)
-silly senses of humor.
-my friends. all of 'em.
-little kiddles. they are SO much fun. so.
-my ability to read. books, music, math, you name it.
-sunshine. orange juice. laughter. photographs. memories. songs. comfy pajamas. my grandma mae's pumpkin pie. root beer. hugs. and fun. etc.

hope you guys all had a wonderful turkey day!


Misha said...

I got my stockings at Hobby Lobby - they were 50% off! If you didn't find anything cool there then you should also try Bed Bath and Beyond. They can add your first initial to the stocking. However knowing you you probably want something differnt and funky? Try Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters (both have online stores). They probably have the most unique stuff.

P.S. I'm always the best person to ask about shopping because I am a shopoholic.

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