Monday, November 24, 2008

it's here!

so, I spent most of the weekend battling a sinus infection. and yes, for those of you who are muttering to yourself about how I've had sinus surgery twice, yes, indeedy, I can get a sinus infection. still. it's just not nearrrrrrrly as bad. less pressure, less awfulness, much better.

this weekend included:
-two photo shoots (one that seriously lasted 20 minutes!)
-adopt-a-highway with the youth, where I insisted that anything we found that was recyclable be recycled (and I took it home to recycle it myself!)
-studying for tomorrow's test
-cuddling with the kitties (and matt!)--that picture, by the way, is of two kitties cuddled up against me while I edited photos--the lavender part is me!
-and delivery of the new fridge!!

we've already started filling it and this morning there was actual ice in the freezer! and ice crystals inside something frozen! it was working!!! it will still take some getting used to, well, the freezer part anyway, but I already LOVE the convenience of the top part. TOTALLY worth it.

let's see, what else...

-we will be in oklahoma december the 23rd-27th. we are going to take a brief trip to texas to see the richardson side of the family--we'll leave at lunch-ish on the 25th and drive back on the 26th. yes, really. well, weather permitting, anyway. my family doesn't really *do* anything the afternoon of Christmas day and I haven't been with my dad's side of the family Maybe I was 17 or younger? so if it works out, it's time. Plus Matt needs to meet them. We're over a year and a half here...
-I don't think I ever made a big deal of this, but I think that's because I was hedging and waiting for my balloon of awesomeness to pop or something. (by no fault of leanne, mind you!) anyway, Leanne asked me to photograph her wedding in JULY!!!! Wowzers! This means that come that weekend, over the course of 14 months I will have had a published photo in a well-established magazine, expanded my photography business and gone into business with a good friend of mine AND photographed a wedding?!? Who knew? I am PUMPED!
-I am having a hard time telling my mom what I want for Christmas. right now my list mostly involves gift cards (although the plastic card itself is NOT eco-friendly, I don't want to spend more money shipping presents home from OK). other things I want: a better tripod, aveda and origins products, underwear, a NOT pink thermos, tea, a massage and the twilight books. you can thank jackie for that last one, by the way.
-tomorrow is test #2 for my class. I didn't do so hot on test #2. I feel better prepared for this one but it is also based on a lot more difficult material. we shall see.
-and last but not least...I have decided that I am going to go ahead and eliminate one of my current obligations. I'm being cryptic because I don't know who reads the blog. But I can tell you this--it will be a HUGE help time wise and stress wise, and although there are other motivations, one that is also having a big impact on my decision to quit is that I just don't have the time to focus on school. I need to LEARN. not just do the homework. and that isn't what is happening

okay, time to work on this dry cleaning stuff. I got upset the other day because my green puffy coat specifically states it is only to be drycleaned with perchloroethylene. serious. that's RIDIC.



Leanne said...

WAHOO!!! :-) You're official; everything on my blog is officially official. We can't wait to have you here. If you can also do hair and makeup (while you photograph me) that would be idea. ;-) The cake will be good, so get excited about that!

Mickie said...

I have a bottom mount fridge as well & LOVE it. We've had it 3-4yrs now. You'll laugh, but my reason for getting it was the dogs! They no longer can stick their noses in the fridge every time we open it.. well technically the Danes can, but only up to the drawer area.. so much better. No more doggie drool in the fridge.

Don't worry about dropping one of your commitments! It's better than being stretched too thin. That's what I had to do over the last few yrs, dropped one at a time until I got a little less stressed. Still probably should drop another couple though.

Misha said...

What the heck. I'm going to be in New York this year for Christmas - the 22nd -27th, not going home to OK to see my mom. We miss yet again a chance to visit.

David said...

Grr, it ate my comment. I'll be in Tulsa for Christmas and New Year's. Cynthia will be there part of the time too. We should meet up.

Suzanne said...

Hey, so several thoughts to share:
1. My parents just moved a month ago and I'm setting up my room in the new house. I had to get a new lamp and insisted that my mom let me buy eco-friendly light bulbs.
2. The night before Thanksgiving I opened our new refrigerator to get juice only to discover it wasn't on sending the whole family into a panic on why the refrigerator might be broken. Apparently its the outlet not the fridge -- extension cord to the rescue and Thanksgiving was saved -- but we still don't know what's wrong with the outlet.
and 3. Twilight makes me laugh. I read them all this summer and just saw the movie the other day. Lots of my friends have really gotten into them lately. I hope you enjoy them!

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