Sunday, November 30, 2008

break me off a piece of that kit-kat bar

aka--gimme a break.

and not in the sarcastic, rude way, in the boy-this-has-been-an-exhausting-few-days kind of way.

let's see...
got home a little after 10 last night. oh and by the way, about 4 minutes into our trip my che check engine light came on. rock. watched TV for a few, matt showered and then started to get REAL bad. I will spare you the hairy details, but his fever got up to 103.5, and that is never good.

I was waking up every four hours to check his temp and give him tylenol. Hazel and Gobi were ready for me every time, meowing like crazy kitties every time they heard the phone alarm. Eventually I let them in. At 10 this morning I woke up with one kitty on my pillow, paw outstretched so it was touching my cheek and the other on my tummy. I think they missed me. :)

anyway. so, after that 103.5 and after a visit to the pharmacist I took Matt to urgent care. THANK GOODNESS I called ahead to see how long the wait was--they had quite a long one and told me there was also a place a little ways away that just opened 3 weeks ago and nobody knew about. The wait was deffo shorter there--though still long since Matt last went to a doctor like 3 and a half years ago and they had to get all sorts of data from him. Ugh.

well, now it might be a lot of things. appendicitis is pretty high on the list, though it's been going on for a while. or maybe an infection near the appendix. or maybe, or maybe, or maybe. so, he's sleeping, I FINALLY found my notebook full of stuff for my paper and I am just about to get started. I also decided to take a little break and change my layout (thanks to maria, kara and melissa who have all done it recently) but I'm not loving this one. might have to do more playing. we'll see.

to sum up:
matt is still sick and if his fever spikes again we get to visit the emergency room.
I am VERY tired.
and I have a paper to write.
and I am not sure if I like this layout even a little.

the. end.

i'll update you when I know more.


Maria said...

Good luck with the paper, and I hope Matt feels well soon!

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