Monday, November 03, 2008

busy birthday broccoli blogging

first, I forgot to tell you that matt bought me a birthday cake. I'm not actually sure if I talked a lot about the rest of my birthday at all...let's see...nope. I went shopping, Matt and I went to dinner at Johnny Carino's (with a coupon!) and my present was a dvd of the season of Firefly and a copy of Serenity as well! YAY! And Matt gave me an IOU for an opal ring. He said he went to look for one and the people told him there were no other kinds of opals other than white opals, and that he probably shouldn't be buying me gemstones anyway because he might get me something I didn't like. WHAT?!? stupid jewelers. But he decided he'd just let me pick it out. So I'm gonna. Suggestions welcome. And here is my cake. :)

I spent friday night passing out candy and cleaning like a crazy person. I called myself "the cleaning fairy." to myself. and made the trick or treaters tell jokes (just for you, kat!) they did for the most part.

by the way, I was cleaning because the maids didn't. and by didn't I mean "didn't have time." so like, actually really didn't. there is more to the story, but this is plenty of info. no, I did not pay them and yes, I was livid. joy of all joys. I had been counting on NOT scrubbing toilets.

we managed to get our house to be clean. like actually clean. except for the guest room of doom, but we don't have to go there. also, take a gander at our garage. seriously. it used to look like this, and that was after a significant amount of cleaning!

saturday morning gobi and hazel and I went to the vet. I have never seen hazel behave so well--she was practically angelic. a little bit of freaking out but mostly she just wanted to be able to look at the other kitties on the other side of the glass door. she was even good in the car! very little meowing. she HATES riding in the car.

usually Gobi loveloveloveloveLOVES riding in the car. And doesn't enjoy the vet, per se, but tolerates everything but the blood pressure test rather well (he has a heart condition). Such was not the case. Despite hanging out in the kitty comfort room and all he was still awful. Poor little boy. We couldn't even DO the blood pressure test and it took four people to keep him still long enough to give him his rabies shot. IT WAS CRAZY. poor dude was pissed. thank goodness he perked up over the course of the day!

while preparing for the party I had to stop and take a picture of this broccoli. It made me happy. don't ask, just let me have my delusions. :)

party was a goooooooooood time. I will tell you about it when I have my three pictures I took during and my ones I took of the house after. there were quite a few people there (and we missed those who didn't make it!) and all of the mulled wine and spiked cider was consumed, which made me happy. beer pong, food, laughing and who knows what else. pictures later. work must be done. and I am still tired--jennifer and I stayed up talking until nearly 3, like 3 with the time change, and I slept poorly and had a busy day yesterday. nicole took pictures of matt and me and then nicole and I took pictures of the andersons. and then matt and I hung out there for a while before getting pizza from mellowmushroom. we ate and I fell asleep on the couch at 930. I am totally a night owl so this is actually quite remarkable.

more later.


Misha said...

Dude there are a bunch of different types of opals. I was just looking for some because my friend had a baby on October 27th. I wanted to get her one. Anyway, there are some really pretty amber colored ones. I can't remember what they are called though. Anyway, have fun searching and shopping for one.

care said...

I know, right? Matt was like "uuuhhhhhhh...what?" very bizarre.

I think you're thinking of a fire opal. And then there are black opals. yeesh.

Anonymous said...

Definitely get one with lots of fire in it--that's the stuff that's sparkly and looks like (duh) fire--no matter what color you choose. And did you know that opals are bad luck unless it's your birthstone? Lucky you!

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