Tuesday, November 04, 2008

very interestink.


so, right now in the gonna-give-you-barley, carrots-and-pertaters state of oklahoma midtown's republican polling places have no wait. and the democratic polling places have lines going out the door. now, granted tulsa is arguably the most liberal city in the whole state (I mean, we DO have the second highest number of gays per capita in all of america, and we're okay with that). so it might not be indicitave of the whole state. but really?!? yowza.

matt is in line to vote right now. north carolina's polls close in an hour and forty minutes. by the time tomorrow we will hopefully have a new candidate, and personally I'm hoping to be drinking champagne instead of packing to move to canada.

but do you know what, to me, is even more exciting than speculating who will or won't win? it's the number of people who are exercising their right to vote. women and men, young and old, they are going OUT. and some of them are even looking past party lines to decide who they want based on their values, not the color of their tie. or, for that matter, their skin. or whether or not they do or don't have boy parts.

wow. just wow.

anyway, I hope you voted today, or if not, I hope you took part in early voting. and if you did neither (except for one exception, but he knows who he is) then shame on you big time! :)

ps? I hope we find out tonight. I do not want to sit and wonder while people bicker.


turner said...

I think McCain going right out and conceding the way he did was a very high class move. It removes a lot of the post-polls trash when the guy who loses acknowledges it and lets the winner start focusing on the important stuff.

When is Obama's appearance on Oprah anyway? I might actually watch that.

Misha said...

Agree with you on the whole McCain speach, Turner. There were people boo-ing while he was saying that Barack would do a good job. That was pretty stupid.

Do you think that the poll lines were shorter in Oklahoma on the republican side because they all voted early? And all the democrats are procrastinators and waited until the last minute to vote? (Just teasing you by the way, hopefully you get that because obviously Matt was one of them) Obviously the state ended up giving McCain the electoral votes so the democrats didn't have more voters there.

care said...

yes. though I wish that part of mccain's speech didn't sound like "I'm sure you people feel like it's important to you or something." oh well.

silly misha, you've got it confused--oklahoma had the polls divided by party. every county in OK was red though, so I do think the lack of wait is kind of bizarre.

in nc though it's kind of funny--the fear of God was put into us about waiting until the day of to vote and most people I know who voted yesterday waited, oh, fifteen minutes or less!

Misha said...

No it was the same here in Texas! No wait was at all the day of because everyone voted early!

care said...

oooooh. so I was confused!

yeah, I also thought oklahoma didn't have early voting, which confused me even more!

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