Friday, October 31, 2008

no longer as busy, sick or angry. :)

happy halloween folks!

do you know what I'm wearing right now? jeans, black shirt with orange tank top under (and showing at the bottom), my black chuck taylors, a pink tutu, a tiara and I'm carrying a wand. which I had to creatively repair today. thank goodness I have many colors of paper clips on hand. :)

I have not "dressed up" for halloween in a looooooong time, it seems. Hell, in my old group just wearing black and orange got me funny looks! So it was fun to break out a costume. I brought it in my backpack just in case. I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one. But we have a Cruella DeVille and someone who makes me think of a Weird-Al/Moses combo who says "he's just trying to be himself. TOO funny!"

So...I have not blogged because it seems like all of my time has been spent on crazy deadlines, working on feeling better, cleaning/unpacking and working on photography stuff. This week I went through a couple of boxes that had been packed up for a loooong time. Two from college and another two that had been packed since my divorce. Yowza. Beta Epsilon folks, just you wait, I'll be sharing some pictures from, what, five-eight years ago? Plus I still need to share the ones Del gave me when I visited her. :)

nicole and my photography biz is rockin', by the way. our free mini-session spots filled up last week and we've had lots of inquiries made, and some appointments too. it's pretty awesome! our website is coming along and I'm enjoying the lenses I rented. fun stuff! soon I'll be showing you courtney and derek's engagement photos, too. exciting exciting!

We are REALLY close to having most of our house put together though. The guest room is off limits (and will contain the kitties) and we definitely have some things to accomplish today and tomorrow, but we're going to make it. Thank goodness. And then have just a little bit of the garage and the guest room to take care of--but that's totally a good start!

What else...Oh, I have a bulletin board in my office now. The fabric strips are from when I was trying to decide which purse to get from infusion. I LOVE the one I got. It was my birthday present to myself. :) and very eco-friendly. and handmade!

I've been doing that whole bokashi composting thing, right? Well, I'm now to the part where you've filled up your composter, let it sit for a couple of weeks and then let it sit in dirt for a while longer, and I've got to say, they underestimated. I thought it was 2 weeks of sitting in the bucket and 2 weeks with soil. Um, no. Since it's getting cold anyway I am just going to let that hang out until the spring. I'll stir it every once in a while. But yeah, not was they were saying. Kind of disgusting, but I think it's still worth it.

So, tomorrow is our housewarming/my birthday party. WOO HOO! There are going to be oodles of wonderful people there--I'm kind of not sure where they should all park though. It'll be fine, right? If you didn't get an invite and want to join us, there's a 99.9% chance you are welcome and I'm just forgetful. :) Just email me!

oh and last thing--melissa gave me this--thanks! :)

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I'm nominating jax, nicole, brooke, kat, janice, christal, and nick.


Mickie said...

i hope ur party is going well tonight!

rateyourworld said...

Wait, I just discovered this... does this mean I get to put it on my blog? You rock Carrie :)

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