Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"it feels like this is giving me a heart attack. and I like it."


so, sunday night at like 9pm we went to the fair with our new friends christy and jeff. they are super fun!

we ate. A LOT. between the four of us we had

-four corndogs
-chicken on a stick
-sweet potato fries
-a chocolate covered frozen banana
-hot chocolate
-many drinks (water and soda)
-a philly cheesesteak sandwich
-an italian sausage
-two biscuits, one ham, one cheese
-fried mozzarella sticks
-fried macaroni and cheese
-a funnel cake
-a cinnamon roll
-fried pickle spears
-fried green beans
-I think someone had a cheeseburger, too.
-oh, and jeff had a turkey leg, I think. It all gets kind of blurry.

yes, we ate ALL OF THAT. we saw fireworks. we saw sampson, a gigantic horse, who farted while we were in the tent. we rode the ferris wheel. we played skeeball. we took pictures. lots of pictures. the man cleaning the glass on the lemonade booth wanted me to take his picture. I saw the recycling bin. we saw the statues people decorated. and we had A TON of fun and left full and tired and happy. :)

see: lots of pictures.


m-m-m-melissa said...

check it, sister: 28 IS and WILL BE fabulous. i think we all have expectations as teenagers that are competely unrealistic. so big congrats on the birthday optimism. too many people let birthdays drag them down when CLEARLY their purpose is to spend (at least) a whole day celebrating how rad you are. additionally, the pic of you and boyfriend is precious. : )

Mickie said...

Your fair pics are soo good (of course).. I tried taking some interesting shots. But DH kept asking 'why are u taking a picture of that?' LOL. The fried mac & cheese was disappointing I thought.

Ariel said...

love the fair pictures! and happy birthday again!

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