Thursday, October 23, 2008

today is, most definitely, a TEN!

so, um, yeah, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! I am pretty stoked. It is quite definitely the Best. Birthday. Ever. and it is only 2pm!!! and I had to go to class and turn in a paper and take a quiz today and it is STILL fantastic!

reasons why:

a) I am going to be in tulsa. next september. maybe the 12th. wanna know why? 'cause SYDNEY FRIGGIN' C got engaged, and she asked me to be a bridesmaid!!! Syd is, hands down, one of my veryvery favorite people and best friends ever. We have known each other since we were pretty little (go girl scouts) and became very close friends in college--we are totally opposite in a lot of ways, but always have SO much fun together. And she and Thomas are amazing together and I am SO happy for them. Apparently stupid myspace isn't always sending you notifications that you have messages (hence me getting excited today and not on wednesday since she sent it late on the 21st) but yeah--EVEN BETTER as a birthday present!

b) I'm not gonna lie-I think more than a hundred people are going to wish me happy birthday today. I mean, I'm not bragging, but we've got the locals and the okies and people in california and kentucky and mass and texas and yowza. I was overwhelmed by facebook--seriously like 40 or more, no joke. Can I tell you how loved this makes me feel? Very. extra very. I am so glad I have so many nice people in my life. :) thank you, thank you, thank you!

c) my boyfriend gets like a bazillion extrasupercool points. I came home from choir yesterday and was talking to my best friend Mary Alise, got up the top of the stairs and saw a sign that said "happy early birthday." on top of that sign were FIVE BOUQUETS. My flash on my camera decided to be finicky this morning, but here are the photos. FIVE BOUQUETS people. five.

d) while I stayed up working late on my paper progress report matt worked too. and shortly after midnight he came upstairs and handed me a "now it's your birthday" card. It was for an eight year old and he turned it all to 28. tooooo cute!

e) this morning after he said "happy birthday!" matt brought me another present--a stuffed hoops of Hoops and Yoyo who, when you press the button says "oh man, you're sizzling, too hot to handle, that's why I've got on these gloves of love!" TOO FUNNY.

f) I aced that quiz. 100% baby. guaranteed. and I had my favorite naked juice to drink this morning.

g) I realized something neato. you know what today is? 10/23/08. Know when I was born? 10/23/80. The last two numbers are just reversed. only a nerd like me would love that.
h) as of today nicole and I have only one empty slot remaining. in addition to that, since announcing our photography business we have scheduled three other shoots plus have another three that we're still trying to schedule. holy smokes!

see, I told you. A TEN. more as it develops!


Del said...

Ahh ha.

Your comment thing was NOT working yesterday when I tried to comment on your wonderful birthday day!

Hope you had a great one and your 28th year is treating you well.

Also, told everyone at work that it was National Mole Day. You would have been proud!


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