Friday, October 10, 2008

eco-friendly review #3: H2

not hydrogen. H2. It's made by shaklee and was recommended by jennifer and then again by lara. and shaklee's products had already been touted by taylor, as well. and I'd seen their booth at the durham farmer's market's earth day celebration, so I already had their scour off, which is AWESOME and will be rated soon.

this gets a 9. the company is awesome, it supports a bunch of eco-causes and has some great goals. and they do SO much that is eco-friendly and eco-minded and anyway, I'm impressed and I totally want to work for them. or al gore. maybe one of them needs a chemical engineer? maybe. but anyway, they also get a thumbs up because they tell you what you're accomplishing by going with them instead of someone else. like, if you buy the home starter kit (which I very well may at some point) they let you know that by buying it instead of getting the cleaners another way you eliminate 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills and eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas. I am certain they take into account travelling and use the worst possible packaging scenarios, but I still find that WAY impressive.

and this H2 is the bomb. Not only does it use the same cleaner at three different dilutions in order to clean around your house (SO smart, for production and packaging and streamlining and wow!) it actually cleans. Like, cleans well. This 16 oz of stuff will make 48 gallons of cleaner. That is AMAZING. And it will last for-ev-er.

so, by now you are probably thinking "why not a ten?" well, that answer is easy. it's kind of nitpicky, but still. it does not get a 10 because of the bottles. specifically because of the labelling of the bottles. they are cute. and very carrie. and I like them a lot. BUT when reaching for the bottle I think "do I want the sunflower? the butterfly? the leaf?" If I'm cleaning the windows the butterfly kind of makes sense, but after that I'm kinda screwed. And that lettering is tiny and something you need to be close to read. So I wish it would say DEGREASER and not degreaser. And that is it. Otherwise I love love love it and I think everyone should try it. $17ish for 48 gallons of cleaner? That makes it a bargain as well.


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