Monday, October 13, 2008

"i definitely can't say anything amphibia..."

~jeff m.

these pictures say it all. well, almost.

friday: beeeeer at manchesters with our new friends christy and jeff. we liked them, and apparently they like us too. LOTS of widmer hefeweizen. LOTS. and enviro talk and stupid jokes (matt made me tell them the little red ball joke--and by made I mean teased me about how dumb it was until I had to prove how dumb it was, though I LOVE it and it's one of my very favorites) you know it's an interesting evening when boobs and the sex talk come up in the first five minutes of your conversation.

it was also VERY nice to talk to someone about environmental issues who thinks of the environment from the business perspective. quite educational. and I really enjoy talking to people who actually know what they think and why they think it, and know more than one random fact which they based their entire argument upon. I get that a lot.

oh and, we kinda sorta closed the bar and the owner brought us a free pitcher of beer, too! good stuff.

saturday: division picnic at noon (note: do not wear cheap flip flops to umstead park) then napping and birthday party going. I did NOT feel good, it was a bad tummy day. but the picnic was fun and the birthday party even more fun! derek did not manage to enter into a debate with me about the pres. candidates, thank goodness, and it was fun to see all of nicole's wedding pictures too. we played flip cup, drank magic blue juice which was DANGEROUS and nicole and I made some business plans. :) I had a great time with my fellow october baby, too!

sunday: loooooong day. first church. before that cleaning out my car, making my printer function, getting my butt out of bed even though we stayed up too late AGAIN. after church lunch and the crop walk. it was four miles and totally worthwhile, both for the cause and the scenery and the company. It makes me want to take pictures in that part of town. there was one annoying part though--I upset a youth because I only mentioned the crop walk and didn't mention the buddy walk. mind you, I am the one who registered us and found out the info for the crop walk--of course I have my mind on it. others helped with the buddy walk, they could have mentioned it! whatever, I guess. It's just hard to volunteer so much time and have your every action and word scrutinized.

anyhoo. then last night after I got home (and saw that matt got me flowers and was installing the ceiling fan in our bedroom!) I hung our planters and started cleaning. we had a free dinner (spanish rice from matt's parents and leftover chicken from the picnic) and then I cleaned some more. and I started to feel crappy. and like my head was fuzzy. I just didn't feel right. I ended up taking a shower which made me feel a little better and then matt had me drink some water and tea and I went to bed. we couldn't figure out how it could be anything else, so we've decided I was a bit dehydrated--the night before, the 4 miles, more time outside after, etc. it was not fun! I'm feeling better today but still not 100%...

the end.

also, I want a fisheye lens, I think. I'm trying to decide between getting the crappy attachment one and seeing how I like and getting a real actual fisheye. they are not cheap. but if I love it? eh, I dunno. I'm sure I'll figure it out!


Jax said...

I love pictures taken with the fisheye! YES! Awesometastic.

I want to come visit. Now. *sigh*

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