Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"that is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard!"

~lila mae

(if you don't want to hear about politics, even briefly/vaguely, just skip on down below the asterisks, pretty please)

in case you don't know, that's my granny, and she said that in response to learning that mccain's running-mate doesn't believe that humans have had any effect on climate change. my granny, the staunch, hardcore republican, because of whom I initially registered republican because I was afraid she would, quite literally, disown me if she found out I had selected independent. thankfully I was able to actually discuss things with her and let her know I'm a democrat now. I saw this on kara's blog and it made me giggle, so I'm sharing!

right, enough of that. I have things to share with you that are green and eco, but I shall save that for another post. I'm actually considering trying out and reviewing green/eco things on a weekly or every-other-weekly basis. What do you think?

friday night, we bowled. we did the little fun pack thingie and it was wonderfully grand to be in such fine company! the newfangled contraption (aka their upgrade scoring system) wouldn't let us pick a gender, but it ended up being more entertaining in the long run. I got at least, what, 5 strikes in the two and a half games? I almost turkied twice! And if you got a strike, sometimes a face would come up on the screen and give you a thumbs up, so we mimicked...see?

saturday I went to the durham farmer's market with my dear friend jennifer. it was fun to go with someone who was just as excited about produce as I was--actually, perhaps even more excited than I was! I bought some eggplant and bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic and a tshirt, too. AND got a free magnet. It was a very good trip, though we were both disappointed not to find basil. But we got opal basil, and that's a pretty deelish substitute!

After that we went to portabello road, and I got that sunflower pyrex dish I'd been lusting after! They had priced three items together but let me just get the two I wanted, and I was quite thankful. jennifer also gave me a little gift--which interestingly enough I'd been contemplating purchasing when matt's parents were in town. I'm either going to use the one that says "polluted" or the one that says "hammered" (since my bowling nickname is the hammer!). Matt looked at 'em and told me that--and I had already figured that out on my own. :)

I took Matt to chapel hill to tailgate for the UNC game that evening and paid a little visit to whole foods and trader joes. yes, this is a picture of my cart. everything in it was local, organic and/or "green." I thought that warranted taking a picture. I kind of got lost in the store though, reading labels, checking out displays and personal care products, etc. And I hadn't intended to go to trader joe's, but it was in the parking lot where hold your own used to be, and I couldn't resist. I found out they let you buy just one of a beer AND they don't charge you extra for it, and that little gem will come in handy!

That evening I watched (wait for it, Kat) one of my favorite movies from forever ago, The Last Unicorn. I used to have dreams about the red bull and the skull and mommy fortuna and king haggard. I remember learning the word haggard and realizing that's why they'd named him that. I didn't remember all of it though, and I'd never noticed so many of the wise quips within the dialogue. It was kind of awesome to watch!

Then, Matt came home earlier than expected and accompanied me to the flying saucer for Karen's going away party--she is going to grad school in england and leaves in two weeks! It was super FUN. I have no idea why Karen and I never managed to hang out after thermo was over (maybe it brought back haunting memories of horrible tests?) but that was totally a mistake. Fortunately we can keep in touch while she's gone and get together when she returns. And I added her blogs to my list! :) Also, I found out who someone was--a guy on an opposing softball team always looked familiar...turns out I actually had met him once before, at a party with karen! he said he wouldn't recognize me without my tulsa shorts, which I think confirms my suspicion that those are going to have to stay at home from now on! ha! we had some icky beers, some yummy beers and some excellent catching up. I am SO glad we ended up going out!

sunday I slept. and slept. and slept. and slept. ah, sleep. and made dinner. and slept. I think we also watched a movie at some point and ran some errands. and I got some handles for my chest of drawers I repainted. they're special order, but after looking for like 20 minutes matt and I were both certain that I would LOVE these and that they were worth the extra $20 total. it's funny, I've spent more than twice as much on handles for this piece of furniture as I paid for the dang thing! but it is handy and I like it, and that is all that matters, right? I do need to sell the old ones, though...

and then monday I didn't even leave the house all day! slept some more, watched must love dogs, did homework, moved a huge honkin' armoire upstairs--the one that matt's parent's brought him--and then let my poor elbow rest! we had kabobs for dinner and they were yum. I made the marinade from bohemia beer and adobo seasoning, and matt could not stop talking about how good the chicken was! and despite our fear we both tried the grilled eggplant and thought it was just fine. and we watched much love dogs, too!

the only sad note to an otherwise fantastic weekend was that last night I realized that it's been a year since I last saw my granddaddy, and that that was the last time I'd ever see him. I told matt that on our way out of the care center place--that every time I left I was worried that I'd never see my granddaddy again. I'd cried each time I left in december and in june, too. I was surprised at how much I cried when the thought came to me. :( His picture is still up in my office and at home, and though it makes me sad I also find it comforting. I miss him often, but I usually miss him the most when I hear a joke he would love and I cannot tell him since he's not here to hear it. I think september is going to be a bit of a melancholy month for me, but I guess that means it's a good thing that it's busy so it'll fly by, hmm?

sorry for the sad...off to the happier. tomorrow or later today I'll give you some greenie updates, and that'll be more fun, hmm?


brooke said...

HOLY CRAP kat made me watch that movie so ooo ooo many times! yay for last unicorn!!! :)

katandkarl said...

:) ahhhhhhhhhhhhh everyone should watch the last unicorn. THE BEST.

Jennifer said...

Hey, what can I say? I love produce and cheese, especially heirloom tomatoes. I think it could develop into a problem or I will become a tomato lady. Instead of 12 cats, I will have 12 varieties of tomatoes!
Yay for being market buddies!

Fantabulous Faby Family blog said...

I like the idea of a bi weekly green review :)

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