Friday, August 29, 2008

vintage pyrex and the american dream

recently I have found myself LUSTING over vintage pyrex. lusting. I am looking on etsy and ebay and I fully intend to go back to that portobello road place tomorrow to see what I can find. I am LOVING the orange and yellow in my kitchen too. I can't wait to get the table in there, put a table cloth on it and finally get things set in the kitchen--with plenty of yellow, orange and white. :)

also, I think it's causing problems that some of my purchasing options are things like this guy. I am thinking about getting it and putting it as the centerpiece for the table in the kitchen nook.

last night I made a "crumble." I had some peaches from I'm-not-willing-to-admit-when and Matt got some strawberries. I'd planned to make jelly from the peaches, but I don't eat jelly very often and this was more fun. However, I'm a little torn. I can't tell if a) it isn't sweet enough or b) one of the peaches is past its prime in flavor. I will deffo make this again though! I used the recipe from smittenkitchen, which patty told me about, but altered it a little for what I actually had on hand (used oj instead of lemon juice, added some brown sugar and more white sugar instead of the turbinado, used the dried lemon peel instead of lemon zest, etc). Oh yeah, and peaches and strawberries instead of rhubarb! I was also inspired to take some pictures.

and I tried making botanas again--they were GOOD. I wish I'd taken 'em out sooner or waited to add the onions 'cause they got a tad dry. but yum yum yum! can you tell last night was my first night just hanging out at home for a while?

oh AND I called time warner cable and a nice man named cedric was helpful AFTER I'D BEEN ON HOLD FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF. thank goodness for rollover minutes. I missed Obama's acceptance speech, but I'm about 1/3 of the way through watchign the video and I've heard it talked about on npr and stuff.

and I've got to say...every time I hear about him and his campaign I get a little teary. and inspired. I teared up in the car yesterday while hearing what people think Obama can (and can't) do. This morning I was just overwhelmed when I watched him say he accepted the nomination. People? There's a lot of change a brewin'. We are making progress. We are making steps. Come November we will elect the first African American President or the first Female Vice President. We are really coming out and talking about things that have been a huge problem for decades--things we've been content to brush under the rug before. It makes me want to do something. Write a letter, sign a petition, wear a shirt, tell people. I dunno. Maybe Mattie will get a new sticker. the free on. :)

For the record, I actually pretty much loathe politics. I think it's a lot of pomp and circumstance and show and there's about 15% reality supporting it. The issues are real, but most of the time people don't deliver (or are kept from doing so). Like, I refuse to even really pay attention until the time comes that I'm going to have a say. I'm stubborn like that.

(I also feel reallyreallyreally strongly that the most pressing issue is the environment. Yes, there is a war going on. Yes, our economy is down. Yes, peoples' rights are being infringed upon. Yes. There are many many important things. But if we don't address the environment? These other issues won't even be able to exist. I'm not so sure that (m)any of the others will literally kill us all if we don't deal with it right away.)


tonight we are going bowling!!! and tomorrow I will study and watch movies and maybe even paint while matt goes to the UNC game, I was bummed not to see him at first, but now I think I'll really enjoy the night of rest. I took a two hour nap when I got home and felt soooooo much better but I know I'm still behind on sleep! thank goodness for the long weekend! hope you enjoy yours as well!


sasspot said...

i love vintage pyrex. i only have a set of three, but i will someday get more. mine are solids, yellow, orange and pink. which reminds me, my mom has two of mine and i need to get them!

your dots are SUPER cool.

Misha said...

I hate politics, because it is almost 100% B.S. And I'm not an Obama fan because I don't think he knows much about what he is talking about. But I do have to say that if you investigate the background of the female vice presidental candidate - she may be what we really need in office.

care said...

I agree with you about the BS. totally agree.

and you know, to be honest, I liked the female vice presidential candidate at first--a woman, a mother, someone with stick-to-it-ive-ness. I am not a conservative so that didn't really resonate with me, but as first I thought "smooth move, mccain!" and then I found out she doesn't believe that human beings have anything to do with climate change, and that is something I cannot abide.

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