Monday, October 22, 2007

so, I can't think of another title, okay?

deal. :)

so, I've discovered that my tummy isn't doing so awesome, still. if I forget to take the probiotics the symptoms just return. and since I have to store 'em in the fridge, well, it's easier to forget.

luckily, I put a post-it on my bathroom mirror, and that has helped.

however, after speaking to my doctor today she believes I may have either small bowl bacterial overgrowth syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome. which were totally not possibilities before. we're going to do more tests, but fortunately these are much much less miserable.

but really I'm just happy that my tummy is maintaining okay when I DO remember to take the probiotic. I mean, that's a start, right?

oh, and I am supposed to eliminate stress. hmm.

next, onto more fun: I really really really want one of these puppies. It's called a gorillapod and my friend ellen was telling me how cool they are--and they ARE. I've been thinking about getting a tripod for a while now, so this will be a wonderful one, I think. I wasn't wanting one of the big ones, and this seems like just the thing for me. I'm a tinge disappointed that my camera is too big for me to use the smaller one that comes in color, but it isn't a big deal. apparently they're super handy and they've been getting all sorts of awesome reviews. and amazon has 'em cheaper. and they seem to be an environmentally-minded company (offering them for cheaper if you opt to not get the packaging!)

and one more super-neato thing. one of my co-workers told me about this airline, skybus. they are based out of columbus, ohio, but apparently they're either building their next hub in greensboro, nc or richmond nc, which are one and two hours away from me, respectively. which means I could maybe get cheap cheap cheap flights to kansas city from greensboro, and kansas city is soooo driving distance from t-town! if you book early enough you can get a flight for $10 plus tax, no joke! they mostly just go to/from columbus right now, but once they expand, yippee!

also, it is exciting for me, personally, even if the route doesn't open up, because if I fly to columbus I can easily drive to indiana, michigan, kentucky and west virginia. and take pictures. and knock out five states in one trip without an insane amount of driving. perhaps matt and I will go this spring/summer? anyone wanna meet us there? I'm pretty stoked about this--mmmhmm!


Heather Kathleen said...

BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! happy!

tonya said...

G & I got one of those tripod thingy's for on the cruise -- we'll let you know how well it works!

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