Monday, October 22, 2007

oh baby I wanna get with ya and take your picture.

~sir mix-a-lot

um, so. tomorrow is my birthday. and for the record--if all birthday celebration stopped right now, this would still be my best birthday yet, hands down.

friday night we had dinner at brixx and went to see The Shins! it's a bummer that we missed the opening band, Vetiver, because it took 25 minutes plus for the guy to close out our bills, and that was a bummer. but we got there in time to buy drinks and shirts and we saw every single second of the shins, so it's okay. oh, and they played pink floyd in their encore--too cool! here are our pictures of the show, ourselves and post-show.
do notice matt's antics with looking at the camera! he sure thinks he's funny.

after that we went to the flying saucer, where I was hellbent on finding the oklahoma plates. and find them I did. see?

and christina told me this sign described me perfectly. nice.

and here I am with two VERY appropriate drinks--a pete's wicked strawberry blonde and a red-headed slut 'cause sterling said I had to have a shot. too funny. also, matt is pretty darn cute in this picture.

we got home around 1 and went to sleep, and on saturday got up earrrrly to go to kings dominion. it was sad to see how falls lake is a prarie, not a lake. :( sterling, christina and I all slept while kind matt drove us, and though I took a highly amusing picture of s&c sleeping in the back I will not post it since I'd like to stay friends with them. but trust me, tres cute.

kings dominion was so so so much fun--of the wait-a-long-time, frightening, repeated-neck-injury, boob-jostling persuasion, but a lot of fun nonetheless. we made the mistake of riding a pirate ship thingie that hangs you upside down while we waited for matt and jess to arrive, and were thankful for their mad tour-guide-ing skills ex post facto. all in all, we rode the pirate ship, did a cool scooby doo haunted house (and I have a cool picture of the four of us on it but I'll have to show it to y'all later) and went on at least six roller coasters!

and this sign led to a lengthy discussion and hilarity ensued!

christina and I were man enough to ride the rebel yell backwards, which was fun but quite painful. it made our boobs hurt. and necks. and shoulders. and backs. and the places where we were strapped in. but it was hella fun! here are our series of emotions during the ride. happy/excited, alarmed, and frightened!!!

and earlier when matt and I went on the anaconda we staged a silly picture for the camera moment. we re-created it later. and yes, we did do this on a roller coaster. like, while it was moving. and while we were about to go underwater.

and here's what we sang so that christina could get "surrey with the fringe on top" out of her head. notice we're in line here, people.

we all agreed that the last ride, the grizzly, was the best. it's a wooden coaster and matt and I rode in the very very back. it was dark out, so we couldn't see where we were going, and we laughed hysterically the whole time.

then, sushi with mary alise and michael. and I introduced christina to sushi, and she actually liked it! the only pity was that the place didn't have any cream cheese, so no philly roll. p.o.u.t. and of course, there was more picture taking. and I was nice to michael, mostly 'cause his bday was last wednesday and I can't hate on a fellow octoberian during their birthday month!

we got home around 130 (after my heavy breathing/snoring in the car while christina and sterling sang karaoke to the tunes on my ipod) and then played apples to apples until approximately 3am. this might've been a poor choice, but it was an enjoyable one!

sunday was church (and yes, I got my kiss, and no, I haven't eaten it yet, and yes it was everything I hoped for and more) and then I met up with s&c and ellen and her boyfriend at mellow mushroom. we walked around a little, and our paparazzi friend, aka stergate, took pictures of us. I feel like we look like a clothing ad.

oh, and we also almost rescued a little german girl, the daughter of a priest?, from certain death in the form of two feet of water with a concrete bottom. and by rescued I mean the five of us slowly surrounded her, found her owner and then left when he wasn't concerned. tres awkward. but we all agreed we couldn't just leave her like that--she kept leaning over to touch the water and was about to fall in!

then there was the trip to schoolkids (where I got all sorts of music I'm sure I'll be quoting at you soon), the making of picture cds after matt joined us once his soccer games were done, and the sad, sad goodbyes. :(

also, did I mention my friends are amazing? 'cause, uh, they are. just wanted to make sure you knew that.

and that, my dears, sums up the events of the weekend. I have more to tell you, but that shall be in another post!


Ariel and Chris said...

sounds like fun!

m-m-m-melissa said...

daaaaaaang you really burned both ends, huh? sounds like you had a blast! happy early birthday! : )

Jax said...

HOORAY FOR A FUN POST!! How did you get the pics to go like that? How how how??!! SO many pics! I love it! Teach me, please.

Also, happy early birthday, chica!!!!

brooke said...

so fun times. happy early birthday. happy shins concert (i am jealous!) and happy ADORABLE SHINS TEE SHIRT. and happy fun-weekend-with-loved-ones-from-many-locations,
that is pretty awesome!

Heather Kathleen said...

that was the best show EVER!!!! grey's who? sex in the whaaaaaat?? i especially enjoyed the "white bread" version of baby's got back sung in a low whisper tone, with a sheepish look on the faces singing!!!

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