Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i'm glad it's [my] birthday

~the beatles.

so see these two kids? yeah, they just added a dimension. aka went from being in the transitional phase of 26, the only number that falls between a square (25=5x5) and a cube (27=3x3x3), to actually being 27.

and, um one of 'em is a lot nerdier than the other, can you guess who?

It's only 1230 and so many faboo people have already said happy birthday to me. And I even convinced my mother NOT to call me at 5:11AM eastern time (because, you know, 4:11 am was the time of my birth).

also, you know it's a good day when--before eating breakfast--you've already had gouda cheese and a hershey's kiss. mmmmhmm. I made myself these scrumptious and bad-for-you cinnamon rolls and splurged on a naked drink to go with my breakfast. and tonight matt-the-fabulous will be taking me out to dinner. I'm excited! and this day is turning out quite spectacularly! :D

thank you, faboo friends. even those of you who send me silly e-cards like this one. hey, there's nothing wrong with celebrating a lot. I'm excited about the entire MONTH of october because it's *my* month. but it was too funny. so thanks (potentially in advance) for all of the terrific cards/calls/emails/texts/e-cards/presents/roller-coaster-rides and for coming for bowling and sushi on friday.



m-m-m-melissa said...

as someone who feels about september as you do about october, let me just be the first commenter to say hAaAaAppy birthdAaAaAy!!!! enjoy every second. :)

Codeman said...


tonya said...

A Hizz-Appy Birthday to you!

katandkarl said...

hap hap happy bday

Nick said...

Happy Birthday Carrie! See you Friday to celebrate your birthday again!

Ariel and Chris said...

Happy happy birthday Carrie! I considered calling you after midnight last night but Chris didn't think it was a good idea. So I HAD to wait till daylight. XOXO

brooke said...


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