Wednesday, October 24, 2007

like a butterfly wing in a summer rainfall

~iron and wine

so, my birthday? totally a success! I got birthday cards, birthday phone calls, birthday emails and birthday presents, and even got to take a birthday nap! and matt got me this beeee-you-tiful necklace--this picture totally doesn't do it justice! he also kept saying things like "there's only an hour and a half of your birthday!" in a sad-ish voice or when I told him I kept getting confused and thinking wishing it were Wednesday he said he was really glad it wasn't --because then it wouldn't be my birthday. too cute, too cute. (and if you just vomited in your mouth a little (ahem, sterling) well I hope you have a breath mint or something, 'cause I'm not going to withhold the cuteness just 'cause you get sick easily. ;) )

we had dinner at macaroni grill, which was nice and quiet and yummy. and? on tuesday nights their house wines are even cheaper than usual. I had no idea they 1)served them in a juice glass, which was probably 1 1/2 glasses of wine per pour and 2)left the bottle on the table so you could help yourself, and just used the honor system in counting the number of bottles of it. crazy!

they even brought me a piece of birthday cake and I got to blow out a candle and make a wish. and no one sang, which is preferable if you're in a very empty, very quiet restaurant.

and? the celebrating isn't done yet (yippee!)--friday is sushi and bowling, and on of my very best-ests, mary alise, insists that we celebrate again when she comes into town in three and a half weeks! I am extra super duper wonderfully pleased about this, yes I am.

so, right now it's raining off and on in the triangle. normally I'm not a fan of having to drive in the rain--it's so hard to see! but this morning, no problemo, 'cause we neeeeed it. like, extra bad. so it's good to be getting it. and kat? you can totally send your rain over here, okay? thanks.

tonight is scout meeting #2. they're going to get to pick out their troop crest, so that's fun. ellen and brooke, do you remember that ours was the waterfall? I totally thought about bringing my old sash, vest and vest to scouts to show the girls, but then I thought that might look like I was bragging. Oh well. Maybe next meeting. Also? I realized that somehow my Gold Award pin never made it onto my vest--I might have to get one when I get my-GASP!-leader uniform.

this just made me even nerdier, huh?

well, I'm okay with that. :)

so, tomorrow I think I'm going to have a bake-a-thon. I am co-hosting a shower for my dear friend Patty (who sent me a fabulous ecard yesterday that made me say awww out loud) this saturday and I'm bringing most of the food--breakfast casserole and pumpkin pie and maybe zucchini bread, too. And then to thank him I want to make Matt an apple pie because it's his very fave. It'd be great to get to have it when we get home from bowling on Friday. So I may go a leeeetle overboard and go all Betty Crocker. But don't worry, I'll break for Grey's.

and again, friends o' mine, thank you, thank you, thank you. kisses for all! muah!


Codeman said...

i stole the photo of Sterling and the hot dog and used in on my blog. I credited you. I hope that's okay....

It's such a great picture.

m-m-m-melissa said...

oh happy happy happy birthday. : )

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