Friday, March 09, 2007

another corner of my home.

y'all have seen this before, but never with my stuff in it.

fun things:

my china. oooOOooh. still haven't ever used it. but I like to admire it.

the cow that serves creamer. soooo wrong. also, I was downright giddy when I saw that lorelai and rory have one of these on gilmore girls (theirs is painted). i had to go back in the show and point it out to otto to be sure!

and these are all pretty. I'm not a "blue" girl but it all goes nicely with the green cabinet--the blue-gray in my china and then these three items. The vase is something my Granny gave me. It is old. And I've always loved it. My mom gave me the bluebird. And I bought the butterflies at the durham farmer's marker. aw...this makes me miss my family.

i heart this china cabinet. it's the first time I've ever fallen for a piece of furniture. i lusted over it. i thought about it. i found my mind wandering to it. and I couldn't help but buy it. i hope to have it for ever and ever. and ever. the end.


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