Friday, February 16, 2007

a b c it's easy as 1 2 3 as simple as do re mi

some jackson five for your friday.

I’ve got a headache and I spent last night watching an awesome but almost-tear-inducing musical (a light in the piazza) and then after some salsa music and strawberry stoli with sprite came home and watched a rather-tear-inducing grey’s.

You’d think the weepy night and the headache would lend themselves to a less-chipper song playing through my head, but you, m’dear, would be mistaken.

I’m finding out more and more about this whole JD/patent lawyer thing, and I like it. Like, the more I find out the more I think it’s what I would want to do. Hmm hmmmm hmmmmm.

I am So. Relieved. It’s. Friday.

And tonight I get to celebrate the induction of the newest member of the “I No Longer Work for Our Old Crappy Company.” I’d name it, but then it’s google-able. (and sorry if you still work there-‘cause a few of you have it good. but for the rest of us, yeah, we’d only like it there if we were keen on being a doormat, which, um, few people, especially engineering women, are. but I ramble…). Anyhoo, welcome, Erica, to the club!!!

Also, this exchange basically sums up last night: “is that ice?!?—yeah—or rocks?!?—um, oh my god they really are rocks.” [insert copious laughter here]

easy as 1 2 3
it's like counting up to 3
or simple as do re mi
sing a simple melody


Jackie said...

I need one of those clubs...Just give me some time to join. ;)

turner said...

I got a very sweet card in the mail today from someone I know. Gracias

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