Thursday, December 14, 2006


nine for the nine, oh so fine.

man, I have a church camp song stuck in my head. you might get this part every day from here on out in my count down. "one for the little bitty-uh!-baby, who was born, born, born in bethlehem." :)

I did something weird last night. When given the choice between seeing the Monet exhibit and going to a Carolina Hurricanes game I chose hockey. Now, don't get me wrong, I like both things. It's not like I hate hockey or something. So that's not why it's weird. It's just that it's a MONET exhibit. But know what? Large volumes of beer, bad-for-you-hot-dogs, super size pretzels with lotsa salt and yelling while wearing a sweatshirt/fleece sounds much more fun than wearing heels and talking quitely about the colors in the paintings.

because it's been that kind of a week.

did I mention I have a final in 2.25 hours? shudder.

so, since I'm missing/delaying seeing the Monet exhibit (it's here for another month) I thought I'd add one to my post today--here's one called Sunrise.

also, Jessica pointed out to me last night that I like my guys *just dorky enough.* Not too dorky. Not nerdy. And not un-nerdy. But just dorky enough. And she's sooooo right. Per usual. Well, unless recipes come into play. ;) I like 'em dorky, punny and musically inclined, to be precise. It was tres amusing to talk to her about it. As I said to someone on the phone last night, talking to Jessica or Renee always leaves me in a better mood than I was when I got on the phone. :)

ooh, and neat tech thing--google offers a google reader that functions like bloglines, but should actually tell you when people using the new blogger beta have added a post. it's under "all my services" in gmail, and it's a piece of cake to set up. (and now I have neil young's piece of crap song in my head, except with piece of cake instead of piece of crap. anyhoo)

my brain is not el-function-o. it is mushy. I am sincerely excited about this being OVER.

oh, and? choir is really fun now that I know all the notes, or at least most of them, in the cantata. I'm a skosh worried about Saturday morning's practice though--I have to be there at 9am, which means leaving my house at 845. That's earlier than I leave for work some days! I just hope I wake up. But maybe I'm turning over a new leaf...drumroll please...I was five minutes early to choir practice last night. Go me!

oh, and...

nine ladies dancing.


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