Monday, December 11, 2006

I wonder if God ever feels about people like I feel about these cookies.

I just made five dozen mediocre cookies.

They were from a Hargrove recipe, which pretty much guarantees that they'll be good. I followed the recipe closely. Might have had a tiny tiny bit too much flour. And I did something a little different with the chips, but still, nothing ground-breaking. Also, side note: the recipe says it makes three and a half dozen cookies. Either it is not telling the truth, or the Hargroves prefer their cookies frisbee-sized.

but the cookies?

they're mediocre at best.

oh, they could *try* to be good. they might pair up with some ice-cold milk, or maybe in some was go well with vanilla ice cream. and I'm sure they'll be a treat for someone who doesn't know any better.

but really? they'll never live up to the potential I had planned for them. I *hoped* to send them to people, to brighten their day, or to give them a treat. But instead? These cookies can't possibly do what I need them to, they can't serve their purpose. Instead, they'll be relegated to the dumpster, and I'll try for more cookies tomorrow.

I am disappointed, but since God loves everything that God has made, perhaps I, too, should love these cookies?

perhaps it's worthy is the cookie that was made?

and apparently? though c is for cookie, this time that's just not good enough for me. alas. on to the weeping and the gnashing of teeth--good thing I've got a mouth guard and the muscle relaxers to help with that!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the cookies. But you describing how bad they turned out is downright funny. :) And if this makes you feel bad, just think of me and my GINORMOUS loaves of pumpkin bread that may never cook all the way thru without burning.- Jess

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