Monday, September 11, 2006

wedding fun: saturday, the rest of

Otto, Erik and I got ready and went to the wedding. Had a little hair-o-the-dog, got cleaned up and dressed and all. My hair was even curly for like three whole minutes, and then it returned to its usual stick-straight self. Oh well. The boys looked slick though, methinks.

The wedding itself was gee-org-jus. Wow. And Kate looked radiant, and they both looked so happy. I hear their vows were incredible, but as we were 1)sitting in the back and 2)it was an outdoor wedding with no microphones, we didn't really hear most of them. But just by seeing their faces, you could tell how spectacular they were. And I liked it that the minister said the vows they'd written and they repeated it--so there was no memorizing.

they even had this guy playing. wonder what that instrument is. Someone said it may be a guitar harp. It was lovely. AND loverly. :)

And the party? Spectacular! Awesome food. Good good music. Lots of wine and beer. Yum.

But my favorite part (because sometimes I'm a very tacky person) was the table that I sat at. There were eight people there. Seven engineers and a second grade teacher. I bet you can guess who the second grade teacher was. (there’s nothing wrong with being a teacher, by the by. In general, I admire them quite a lot.) So I asked a lot of them about Virginia Tech (which is on my list of possible schools) and talked engineering stuff for quite a while, much to the disappointment of one of our table members. In response, however, she made a point of mentioning how there was no such thing as a guy who wasn't hard up. Even guys with girlfriends are hard up. Which, of course, I found annoying.

The first dance was so sweet (to Iron & Wine's version of Such Great Heights) and the toasts were moving. We are sooooo giving them this pic I took for Christmas. Do you think they'll like it?

No one really boogied, which was kind of sad, but the little kids did put on a dance show for us. And everyone loved the shoes I borrowed from Mary Alise. Oodles of nice things said. Carrie happy.

At 1030ish, once the bar had closed, and I said goodbye to Lynn (the very nice bartender that I made a point of making friends with), we headed off to our hotel to change again. Others met us there, and we carpooled--and guess who rode in my car AND dissed my Regina Spektor? You guessed it.

It took FOREVER to get to the bar, since it was already 20 minutes away, plus the guy leading us missed his exit, leading on a twenty five minute detour, as the next exit was 15 miles away. The bar was fun, though. Erik and I took silly pictures. Until we got kicked out at 2.

And then? Then?!? After a run by Mickey D's to feed the drunk people Otto and I took J and Erik to their hotel. And then ENTIRE way there, J talked about *ahem* very specific bedroom activities and the techniques for such. And inquired about my choices in said activities. "Do you do that?" She said? "Do you this or this? 'Cause if you this then I just think that's awful." And on, and on, and on. In graphic, specific detail. And her personal choices were always the less, um, let's go with common. I avoided her questions as much as possible, thankyouverymuch. But I learned a lot about her that I didn't ever, ever want to know. And you don't either, trust me.

I was SO. RELIVED. when she got out of the car. And in the morning she had to go back to Raleigh to catch her flight to Cali, so there just wasn't time for her to join us for breakfast. Shucks. And Golly Gee. The rest of the weekend was pretty un-eventful. Another trip to Joe's Diner and a rainstorm on the way home. Then a nap, some gilmore girls, and a dinner story I'll tell you later.


Mary Alise said...

ok, I so can not believe she tried to get you to talk about that stuff.

Class much?

brookeandpaul said...

um, ew. that is really just strange.

shoes=fab, you=fab!

brookeandpaul said...

photos and gerbera daisies=also fab. and your friend erik's facial hair!

Mr. Junk said...

Well, did it ever occur to you to just tell her to stop? Sometimes, by trying to play nice and take the high road, you wind up just encouraging negative behavior.

And you know, I'm going to be a teacher. But I'm sure as hell not going to be teaching second grade. High school, or college if I can get a masters degree...

Carrie said...

thanks, broooke!

you know, I ignored her AND I tried to change the subject. but those didn't work, so I tried to get the talking out of her system.


good idea though.

plus (and in her defense a little) she was really, REALLY drunk.

Jackie!!! said...

I heart the pic you took of the new couple.. I think it would be a GREAT xmas present... Which photos did you end up entering in the contest??!! :)

turner said...

Yeah, boo on her for wanting to talk about naughty stuff WITH THE CURRENT GF OF HER EX-BF. Weird and pretty inapproptiate . . . however, in a twisted way, maybe that was her way of trying to make friends?

OK, yeah - I couldn't keep a straight face OR allow myself to post that in my comment.

Weird AND bitchy . . . sounds like Otto is a smart man for kicking her to the curb IMO. Course, had I been there, her night would have lasted all of about 20 seconds since I would have bitch-slapped her for insulting my friend Carrie... but that's just how I roll.

Oh, and yay for the photogtraphy revelation. You stuff is great - very artsy - and I'm particularily fond o fyour B-n-W stuff (just my personal taste).

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