Monday, September 11, 2006

wedding fun: saturday pre-wedding.

so, it's the morning after, and I wake up to erik snoring. a LOT. :)

we ate at Joe's Diner, which I found out about from the front desk guy at LaQuinta. Though he couldn't be much more than 3-4 years younger than I am, he called me "ma'am" about seventeen times in the three sentences we exchanged. grr.

anyhoo, so here we are at Joe's. Don't you just LOVE Erik's beard? Me too. Good quote from

the weekend--"the beard will be happy once I smother it in sausage gravy." Erik ordered a separate meal for his beard. Good stuff.

then, I found out something amusing. mentos+diet coke= exploding soda. see?


turner said...

Way to take the higher road with the ex-bitch.

People like that aren't worth the time or effort to put them in their place. by doing so, you only substantiate their existance. Kudos for you for not playing her game.

did the schmuck in the photo get lucky BTW? also, I noticed that she is "conveniently" cropped out of said photo

Carrie said...

no, no he didn't get lucky. erik and j shared a room that next night--the one with two beds--so that's how I know. we did laugh on sunday morning though, 'cause that guy had gotten into his car before going to the bar post reception (there was nooooo way he was driving), and we presume it was to get condoms, as we saw them in his still-open glovebox the next day.

for the record, that photo has not been modified in any way. I didn't take it, y'know. I'm in it!(that's my arm with the pink!)

However, I made sure she was (mostly) cropped out on purpose. I even wondered if I should crop her face out entirely (instead of just show half of it), and I didn't post the other photos she was in. I decided that was mean.

It's one thing to complain about this girl and 1)not use her name and 2)not show her, but it's another altogether if I show you what she looks like. One is more innocent, just venting my frustration. Another is making an identifiable person that I don't even know look bad simply because she was kind of rude to me and very rude to Otto.

sooooo, that's why she's "conveniently" left out. anyhoo.

Mr. Junk said...

Hey, can you send me a case of diet coke & mentos?

I'm really bored...

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