Sunday, September 10, 2006

wedding fun: friday

So, we'll begin at the beginning, and when we get to the end, we'll stop.

Otto and I left work early to drive to VA, via the beautiful blue ridge parkway. SO PRETTY! Otto and I need to go back so I can get out and take pictures when we aren't on a schedule.

We stopped once to pick up a snack--funyuns and a soda--and drove on our merry way. Then, Otto, Erik and I met at Otto's and my hotel. We each had a forty, and changed into more party-appropriate clothes. Forty-five minutes later than we expected we arrived at the party, and I began aerating the lawn.



The party was calm/lame. At least, until the crazy college friends (aka the three of us--I'm a pseudo college friend) arrived and brought beer. Yeesh. They had some beer there, but most were having soda with their bbq. The three of us moved to the deck, near the cooler, and began getting to know other people.

Following Paige's advice, I drank slowly after that. J was there, and she was unpleasant at best. Never blatantly rude, but some little mean pokes. I played nice anyhow.

So, around 1100, after many you-had-to-be-there moments, including being asked to leave by the groom's brother, talking to someone about photography for an hour and making fun of the guy with his eyeglasses that used to be oakley sunglasses, we realized it was time to go. And that we were all drunk. But I'd had two and a half beers during our three hours there. Weird.

Know what's missing in this story? DINNER. Gosh, we're idiots.

(PS, thats topleft-me, top right-the guys, bottom left-me playing nice w/ O's exgf and the guy Jon who was hitting on her HARD and bottom right--joe and me (the wedding photog))

We decided we wanted to go into Blacksburg and go to a bar, and that we'd pull into some fast food joint on the way. But we saw a Sonic, pulled a u-ee, and enjoyed the yummy goodness there. The people even gave me free onion rings (I forgot to ask for them instead of fries with my #1) and when Otto spilled my drink all over the hood of my car, they brought me a new one of those too, no charge. We were, however, those loud drunk people, and we had the lights turned out on us. And, when I walked inside to give our server a $5 tip (which is very good for a $17 meal) he looked at me like I'd handed him monopoly money. Weird.

After the Sonic people turned off the lights on us we returned to the hotel, rehydrated with some gatorate and passed out. Poor Erik had to sleep on the floor. (long story that ends with--we couldn't get a different room since we'd booked through but we were home safe, sound, fed and attempting to pre-appease hangover gods. and it sort of worked! more later.


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