Friday, September 08, 2006


but just a little bit.
today I'm headed to a place near Blacksburg, VA to go to the wedding of one of Otto's college friends.  I've met her, and she's a cool gal. tonight we go to her house for a post-rehearsal-dinner party, and then tomorrow is the wedding.
So, stay with me here, it gets a bit mucky. But just a skosh.
In college, Otto was friends with a group of  people, including Kate (the bride) and Erik (who's hella fun and comes to visit periodically).  Kate is friends with J (Otto's ex gf) and Mel (Erik's ex gf)--and J and Mel are best friends (or were, not 100% positive).  Erik and Otto are still good friends with Kate. And Erik and J still talk, I guess. 
So, since Erik doesn't have a date and J doesn't have a date, they're being each others pretend dates, and they're sharing a hotel room--with two beds, for the record. 
And Otto and Erik can't be within a hundred mile radius of each other and not hang out.  It's in the bylaws or something.  Sooooo, since Erik can't really abandon J to hang out with Otto and me, she'll be coming along.  Which has an awkward potential of: HIGH.
Now, all of this could be Carrie getting paranoid.  It's certainly possible.  But just how many of you have been in a similar sitch of sorts--you still have to see your ex in class, or at work or church or in public or whatever.  Generally it can be a bit tense, but it works out.  (PS, this makes me want to go on a tangent and tell you about when my prof put my in a group with my at-the-time-enemy and sorority sister and my recent ex, with whom I'd had a very ugly break-up.  I totally got that changed, let me tell you.  Anyhoo.)  MOST of the time, even if you have to be in the same room as your ex, you get to avoid him/her.  But this chick is going to be with us--eating food, sitting at the table, having convos, going out in the evening.  And she, um--how shall I say this--has a reputation.  Concerning her behavior.  And it ain't good.
So, for the record, I'm not AT ALL worried about Otto or him having feelings for her.  That was soooo two years ago.  But I AM worried about how this girl will behave towards me.  I don't think she's had a serious relationship since him.  Hmm. I'm going to be nice until she's mean, and then I'll just be less nice, never mean.  That's the plan.
Good news is you'll be seeing some terribly cute pictures of me next week, 'cause let me tell you, I'm going to look hot.  Constantly.  Mary Alise loaned me these adorable silver shoes, and my red dress is smashing, and I have excellent outfits for tonight, Saturday day, Saturday post-wedding and Sunday day.  All will go well, I hope.
*crosses fingers*
And Paige gave me a good piece of advice--from experience.  Be very very careful about how much you drink. Because for some reason, if an ex is involved, the amount of drunkeness escalates quickly and can make you say things you prolly don't want to...


brookeandpaul said...

carrie, that is a fantastic plan- being nice (and less nice if necessary)- AND- looking fabulous. there's nothing better than that to help you let any awkwardness roll off the ol' back. have a great time!

sadkingjonathan said...

That's a lot of outfits. And a lot of anxiety. Just do what I would do. On second thought, don't do what I would do. You aren't 6'4, 245.

Erik said...

Great pics, and good job on your part concerning the awkwardness. For the record though, I don't think Kate and Mel are friends. In fact, I don't think they have ever met. Unless I'm totally clueless, which I'm sure would be the result if you asked Mel.

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