Wednesday, September 06, 2006

opinion needed.

so, I'm wanting to enter a photography contest at work. I could (potentially) win between $30 and $75, if they like mine. I'm doing it more for fun than for the money, and I'll be pleased if just one of them gets an "honorable mention."

However, I can only enter SIX. Which is a hard pick. So here's my options. Can you tell me which ones you think are best? Of course, I can enter fewer than six, too. Jackie, I KNOW you have an opinion... :)

SIGH. this is one of those days that CRAWLS.


Carrie said...

OH, and there are categories...

People: A person or persons as the main subject

Nature: Pets, animals, flowers, wildlife (focused on any nonhuman living subject)

Landscape: Natural settings and scenery

Architecture: Manmade structures

Miscellaneous: Abstracts and photographs that don’t fit into any of the other categories.

Renee said...

um, okay i like all of them. you are a good photographer! any time you feel compelled to gift me something, feel free to make it one of your photographs. i love the black and white ones. and the nautilus in the sand. and the people running with the one LEAPING. that's fantastic. and the ferris wheel.


sadkingjonathan said...

People: The fourth one--the shaded lane with people in the extreme distance.

Nature: The last one.

Landscape: Tromboform shell in sand with the wave breaking in the background.

Architecture: Tulsa Skyline.

Miscellaneous: The shell fragment against the wooden handrail.

Edward Fairchild said...

My favorites are the Ferris Wheel, the steering wheel, and the last one.

katandkarl said...

carrie: i love your pics. you should seriously photograph part time or something!

scrolling thru the ones that most caught my eyeballs:
1. the ferris wheel (wow!)
2. fruit in the bowl (i love color!)
3. the steering wheel
4. the last tree.. not sure what kind it is.

fun and fuN!

RetroSkater said...

Can I get a print of the Tulsa skyline? I'll give you some money. I think it and the car wheel are my favorites.

Carrie said...

thank you so much!

The last one is of a bradford pear in our friends Dan and Cory's front yard.

I'll absolutely share prints! :) Let me know if you want one, and we'll work it out.

and kat, I'm actually looking into part time photography/selling my photos as stock photos/going to shows occasionally. I'm sure I'll keep y'all updated on that as it develops...

thanks again. This is really really helping me. thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

brookeandpaul said...

i am glad you are thinking about persuing your photography- the compositions are great, my faves- well, maybe not my absolute favorites but the ones i would choose to enter if it were my show would be 11,12,15,17,19,20. GOOD LUCK!

Mary Alise said...


Those all look great. I really like the first black and white one and the ferris wheel

cls said...

The ferris wheel, the duck family and the last one (looking up at the tree with the blue background!)
Good work, Carrie! Let us know which ones you enter!

cls said...

What kind of camera do you use?

Mr. Junk said...

Ferris Wheel.

Tulsa (I think) Cityscape black & white

Impala steering wheel!

irish! (the tree with the white flowers)

sunset cropped.1.jpg

The one with the fountain at the end of a stone path.

Carrie said...

Corrie, most of these were taken with my Canon Powershot A75. The only ones that weren't were the Ferris Wheel (Canon Powershot A70) and the Pink Daisy (Canon Powershot A620). the A620 is my new camera that I got like two weeks ago...

I'm for certain submitting the two shell pics and the last one. Not sure about the rest yet. I ordered the prints today so HOPEFULLY they'll get here in plenty of time for me to make a good decision....

Jackie!!! said...

OOooohhh!! FUN!! how did I miss this??!! Been so distracted! Sheez! Okay, my votes in noncategorical order areL
ferris wheel (i love it against the sky!)
pink flower below it (b/c I could see that WAY blown up and hanging in my apt and that's fun)
car steering wheel (cause its kinda a cross between museum and diner and I like it)
inlet ocean (cause I LOVE the way the clouds take your attn first then you see the ocean and realize how beautiful it is)
people running (this might be my fav cause it is so freaking fun with the person jumping)
Ive also always loved the cherry blossom tree b/c the angle is awesome. :)
I'm a genius.. or I just have a lot of opinions.. either way those are my favs.. and I also love the Tulsa skyline one, too. :)

HOORAY!! You make me wanna go take pics! I very well might this weekend! I am feeling inspired by your awesome angles! That sounds kinda dirty.. but you know what I mean. .haha!

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