Thursday, September 07, 2006

attention all tulsans, former tulsans, people who know (former) tulsans, people who were never tulsans and don't ever expect to be tulsans, et al.

have you heard about this? holy sh*t!

perhaps it's old news to some of you, but I hadn't heard about it until this evening. not sure what was revealed in advance...

at first I found it frustrating. but then I thought it might be really really good for the city. huh. this is definitely an off-the-wall idea. but a pat on the back goes to the inventive people who thought of it--whether or not you agree!

there are pros and cons ecologically--what about the river life? but then that solar power stuff is a huge plus in my book. and how progressive! hmm.


seriously, watch the video. it's like two minutes long and yeesh! um, the music is a bit much though, so I wouldn't blame you if you muted your computer for the duration of said video.


Edward Fairchild said...

Well, I still find it frustrating. It's kind of a cool idea, but I don't think it'll ever happen. Tulsa doesn't have the money or the investment potential to get something like this off the ground. Big companies aren't moving to Tulsa, they're leaving Tulsa. They almost cancelled the 4th of July fireworks display at the river this year because there wasn't enough money. It wasn't until Bank Of Oklahoma put forth a last minute contribution that they decided to go on ahead and do it.

Maybe if they were going to build a bunch of casinos in the middle of the river there'd be money for it, but that'd look a lot worse than the tire-pocked sandbars the city's got now.

Plus, if I'm not mistaken, at least one of the native birds to the river parks area is endangered. I shiver to think of the environmental impact of a several year construction project in the middle of a river.

There's a shot of a guy windsurfing in the video which made me laugh-- I wouldn't recommend anybody swim or fish in that river unless you're looking for cancer or at least diarrhea.

Tulsa is dying and I'm not sure what can save it. I'm fairly certain though that the answer does not lie in building expensive high-rises and upscale shopping in the middle of a polluted river.

And yeah they should have used the Polyphonic Spree for the soundtrack of that presentation.

Mr. Junk said...

Well I think that's it's cool!

David said...

They're selling something, kiddo.

What bothers me is the elusive "6 ordinary people got together" ... the cynic in me says, "ya, right!"

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