Wednesday, September 27, 2006


have you all seen these purses?  I'm really thinking about getting one—it just looks like something I'd own.  I think I want one of the top three here.  And it's neat that they're made from recycled candybar wrappers and/or newspaper. 

My test was ick.  I mean, if you get right down to it everything on the test was covered in class or in the book.  But there were waaaay more factoids than I was expecting.  I was all ready for the gazillion calculation problems. But not for spouting off factoids.  Eh.

And I've wanted to tell y'all about Beefmastor, but that isn't in the cards quite yet.  Between work, class stuff, KayDee stuff and trying to find time to sleep and eat, I've been rather swamped.  Though I must admit that on Monday after my test I watched Studio 60 and Heroes, and both were pretty darn good.  There's a LOT of TV I want to watch this season—those two plus Lost, Desperate Housewives, Gray's Anatomy, Six Degrees and Brothers & Sisters.  Plus I'm still catching up on Gilmore Girls. I might have to cut some of these out.  Or invest in a DV-R.

tough call. 

Ooh, and, mucho thanks to my first two purchasers of pictures—you make me happy! And thanks again, everyone, for offering their opinions and support.  I really, really appreciate it!  (PS-I find out how my photos did on Friday afternoon.  There are 184 photos in the competition! Yikes!)

And kudos to Renee and her pb&j…just go with it.  (and R & J, I'm putting it in the book!)

Eh, time for more plating. Which is nice because it requires little or no mental effort.  yippee!

and, a special thanks to Jeremy Wood for teaching me this new word!


Jackie!!! said...

I love the feeling when you just get done with a test... when you havent really started to think about how you did, but rather "ahh...its over.." *sigh* Love it. :)

Renee said...

LOVE the purses. i might have to get one.

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