Monday, September 25, 2006



okay, so I'm studying for my test tomorrow, and I just realized why some of these equations are getting mixed up in my head. there are FOUR different things that use the letter "n." (quick scrabble tip: "en" can be used as a word, since it's how you spell the word that's said for the letter N--sorta like "cee" for C). anyhoo.

Na-avogadro's number (I once wrote an essay about this and sunflowers--no joke!)
N-# of atomic sites per cubic meter
Nv-equilibrium number of vacancies
n-number of atoms associated with each unit cell

I just hope he doesn't make us use these for Sodium (Na), Nitrogen (N), Nickel (Ni), Niobium (Nb) or Neon (Ne) because I think I'll get lost--and thank goodness we won't be dealing with any of those pesky rare earth series or actinide series elements, since that's three more potential Ns!

back to studying. oh, and I think I might enter this (thanks, O!). But I can only enter a single picture--maybe I'll wait until judging on Friday to see how my other photos do? hmm. I kind of want to enter my blossoming pink gerbera daisy, but I think it's not going to stand out, y'know? we shall see.


Del said...

I believe, just the other day, while writing down that I needed a nitrogen gas cylinder I used Ni.

It was a sad moment in my life. How could I mess up nitrogen? Really? Ahh.


I still have most of them right though - this must count for something!

Mr. Junk said...

"We are the knights who saaaaay.. NI!"

Liv said...

no prob on the tip. But I ponder...if you're suppose to be studying...why are you blogging? especially with all those 'n's to figure out!

Carrie said...

to avoid a mental breakdown. must have occasional distractions...

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