Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ooh, and groceries.

I'm 100% officially going to be in Tulsa in December. Not for a terribly long time, but if people wanted to go out on the 23rd I'd sooooo be up for that. Otto and I will leave on the afternoon of the 26th to come back to NC.

Also, I got hit on at the grocery store last night. It was amusing, and it went a little something like this:

I'm checking out the bread, and I'm trying to decide on the Italian or the French to go with our smothered chicken. I reach for the French, and I hear a loud "No!

I turn around and see what's going on, and I think this guy on his cell phone is telling me not to pick up that bread. He says, no, not you, and I laugh about it. He then explains that he's on the phone with his brother, and he just heard that one of our US Senators doesn't know the National Anthem! Can you believe that?!? Anyhoo, we exchange a few comments, and that's it. I go on with my bread to pick up a bell pepper and some bananas, and I check out.

And I am backing my car out of the spot, and I see the same guy. He motions for me to roll down the window, and I do. He says he has an idea, and would I go out to dinner with him sometime? Of course I say no, but who doesn't like to be asked ou--especially at the grocery store?


b.a.knight said...

okay holy ballsack. those purses are fantazzzzzzzzztico- i used to make gum wrapper chains just like that (hi my name is Dork Supreme) so i must have one. and that sounds like a GREAT way to be hit on, i must say!

Mr. Junk said...

Aww, poor guy. He propably thought that he had just accidentally gotten past the hardest part of getting a date: initiating a conversation.

I just hope my sister was nice enough to let the guy down easy. From what you've said he sounds like a decent enough of a guy.

Carrie said...

actually, I said, "thank you so much for asking, but no thank you. I have a boyfriend. but thanks! have a good evening!"

is that nice enough?

and those purses are AWESOME! I just can't decide which one I'd use the most. I'm thinking confetti...

Jackie!!! said...

HOORAY FOR A TULSA VISIT!! I love it!! Yes, lets play! We shall finally take a pic of all of us regular bloggers.. :) I like this idea. Yes.

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