Tuesday, January 24, 2006

a tulsan is Miss America!

on abc news!

and on kotv in tulsa!

how fun is that?  and she was a ballerina at the Tulsa School of Ballet.  Good old Miss Larkin.  :) (one of the five Indian Prima Ballerinas from Tulsa, Ok, if you didn't know) She's the one who led me to think that you dance to dance better, you work to work better, you try so you can try harder--and if you have fun in the process, that's icing on the cake. She was amazing.  She's the only seventy-ish year old person I know who could stand on her head longer than a bunch of twelve-year-olds--and be more graceful when she stood up.  Wow oh wow.


brooke knight said...

1.thanks for your comments on my art.
2.i am super impressed with your sushi!
3.it's weird but i can kind of say i know miss america- her sister was in chi-o with me. do you ever think it is weird that you were in a sorority? that's something i never thought i'd say. also did i ever tell you my grandma was a KD at tu? enough blab. sorry. i hate work.

care said...

honestly, sometimes I think it's a little weird, only because of the crazy stuff I did while in a sorority :) And maybe a little too that so many people were SHOCKED that I joined (one of my friend's moms called my mom to make sure she knew--crazy!)

but then again, it's not that weird 'cause I'm so involved still, what with being the president of the alumnae association here and all...


did I ever tell you I was *thisclose* to being a chi-o? It was a really really hard decision but I chose to be a KayDee because my granny was one--which makes me wonder if they were in it together... :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think Granddad was annoyed that I DIDN'T join a frat. I'm not sure what the Greek Life is like at TU, but here at OU there's party frats, engineering frats, and community service frats. I'm not a partyer, Icould NEVER engineer ANYTHING, and though I have a lot or respect for them I have no desire to join a community service frat.

So I went the other way and became a Dorm Rat R.A. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

life sure is strange, and never what you expect!!!

have a rocktastic weekend!

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