Friday, January 20, 2006


so, my marriage has been annulled.

which, um, means it kind of sort of never existed, as I understand it.

so, do I have an "ex-husband?" and if not what to I call him? my old roommate? ;)

seriously though. I don't understand the Catholic church. I mean, it's great or whatever, but I can't quite wrap my head around it. Oh well.

time to pack for VA!!!


sadkingjonathan said...

Congratulations on never having participated in one of the church's holiest sacraments.

Anonymous said...

It's like you can write the whole thing off as a drunken misunderstanding, with humourous and embarassing consequences when you wake up the next day... I'm going to do with last night.

Anonymous said...

So, that's how it ends? you change your entire life on something you were oh-so-sure about and now it's like you just tried a new, trendy diet that didn't work out...? I'm rather disapointed to hear that.

Anonymous said...

Actualy, it's closer to being that the marriage was not legitimate. You did not follow ALL of the correct procedures. This can mean a lot of things, e.g. that one of the participants was forced to marry against their will.

I'm actually a little curious as to what exactly the church considered to be the deciding factor to make that marriage incongrous with a Catholic marriage.

So if you have no problem with telling me, I'd like to know. However, if you are in any way uncomfortable with telling me then don't feel obligated to. It is, afterall, a very personal thing.

SJ said...

That's okay, anonymous.

We were all disappointed you didn't sign your name.

sadkingjonathan said...

Except me. I have no interest whatsoever in knowing who you are.

care said...

it’s not anything like a trendy diet, thank you anonymous. except that maybe both can cause stress or something. but that's about the extent of the similarity between that and a divorce--well, that and they're both nouns that start with a “d.” yikes.

it's more like a heart-wrenching, horrible terrible realization that something you once wanted so badly can't work, and won't work, and isn't what's best for you. it's a difficult process where words are said that aren't meant, and some that are meant aren't said. it's cutting ties with someone who at one point seemed like everything to you. it's stress, it's crying, it's mustering confidence, holding your tongue, it's trying to see if you can even ever still be friends. it's trying not to say mean things, trying not to be hateful, trying to be compassionate while still holding your ground. it's doing things you swore you'd never do to cope with a situation you swore you'd never be in.

and it's effing hard.

so seriously, seriously, retract it, anonymous—even if it’s just in your head. maybe you mean well, and thanks for offering your opinion. but for goodness sakes give both him and me the benefit of the doubt.

and also for the record, it ended long long ago. this is just the aftermath.


i wish I hadn't felt obligated to respond to your comment. but, alas, I did.

and, um, have a nice day.

PS-Adam, I don't know yet. Hopefully I'll know soon.

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