Monday, January 23, 2006

virginia weekend.


On Friday we drove to VA after eating yummy Moe's for dinner, then had a glass of wine, caught up, watched part of Revenge of the Nerds and went to bed.

Saturday--up and at 'em early in the AM. Drove to Harrisonburg, collecting Lauren on the way since Vernon got to Dan and Cory's at 815. The trails in George Washington National Forest were excellent. Well, at least the ones that were open were. And Dan let me drive his jeep!

Otto and Vernon were a lot of fun to ride with, see? Except that I didn't get to take any pics of the two funny things we saw--the trailer with a chimney and the outhouses. Silly plastic on the removable top!

Here's Me, Cory and Lauren looking at the map. Let me tell you, we definitely went on trails that weren't listed! It was a lot of fun having three girls there...

And here's the guys looking "manly" at the end of the trail. They wanted to try to cross this stream thing, but we were afraid that Daniel wouldn't make it, plus there wasn't anywhere to go afterwards anyway...and there was no place to turn around.

And here's the view from the last trail we went on--do note that you can see the side of the road as we travel along the highway! Yikes!

This is the sunset on the way home. The whole trip made me think of that girl scout song..."i love the mountains, I love the rolling hills, I love the flowers, I love the daffodils..." etc.

We got home later than we'd planned on Saturday, plus we had trouble finding sushi grade fish, so making sushi waited until Sunday. But in the end it was yummy, fun, and cheap! $15 or so for all four of us, if you're only counting the cost of what we actually used. It took awhile though, and shrimp tempura is hard to make. We're totally doing this again though.

Otto and me making our rolls.

Carrie with her yellowfin roll.

Carrie's yellowfin roll flower. Otto wanted to add the pickled ginger garnish there.

And a tip--get the sharpest knife ever and use a sawing motion to cut these bad boys. And go easy on the rice.

Boy, oh, boy. If you'd told me a year ago that I would have spent this weekend off-roading, driving some of the off-roading myself and making sushi I would have laughed so hard I would have cried!

*except for the part where otto and I argued about shoes! ha! it's a pity I left my shoes at home by accident and then had to buy these very cute but very uncomfy monstrosities from target for $6.03. also, cobblestone in downtown richmond + heels = bad news.

Tonight, to the Carolina Hurricanes game!


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