Thursday, August 04, 2005

when you get to the end, stop.

Ah, Lewis Carroll.


Yesterday was an awesome awesome awesome day. Glorious, even.

I slept in late 'cause I just don't care. At all.
I had sushi for lunch--on Kruger's tab. Mmm mmm mmm.
I had Uno's for dinner.
My computer shipped (it arrives tomorrow!)
And I got a HUGE compliment from my ex-boss who's now my boss's boss. Well, my boss's boss for today, only, since TODAY IS MY LAST DAY AT KRUGER!

At lunch he was talking about how different it's probably going to be working there--and he's right. It is. But then he said that my new job didn't know this yet, but I was going to change them just by working there. That when I'm at a company the energy level goes up--by at least an order of magnitude. I did that at Kruger, and he knew I'd do it at my new job. And they know that once I leave Kruger, though I have impacted it, they're going to lose a lot of energy--probably that whole order of magnitude. Everyone was nodding their heads in agreement. It was nice. And, it was said while I was eating sushi. :)

I am pumped about turning in my computer, cell phone, keys, security card, etc. I'm pretty much finished moving stuff out.

Tonight is dinner at OTB and copious beverage consumption. No skinny dippi--I mean swimming. But it should be fun.


Sterling said...

Looks like you'll be missing out on the skin--hurm. Swimming.

Semi colon, Capital "P"....

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