Tuesday, August 02, 2005

good news...bad news...

in the animaniacs sort of way, only not...

good news:
two more days at Kruger
I no longer have financial responsibility for Justin's house
I cleaned out the coat closet
My old computer (read:from 1999) still works. Slow as all get out, but it means I won't be internet-less for those few precious days while I wait on my laptop.
I get to have sushi for lunch tomorrow, courtesy of Kruger.

bad news:
I had to see Justin today.
one of my co-workers who lives in texas is simultaneously an idiot, jerk, self-centered and and all around sketchy person. oh, and he's mean.
My attempt to make something awkward more comfortable actually ended up making it even more awkward.

So, I'm not going to regale you with the co-worker tale, because I just don't give a damn anymore, and I'd rather read Harry Potter than type it out. Long story short, he told me how to do my job, except he has no friggin' clue how to do it. It was miserable.

Next up is my going over to Justin's today. We had to sign more papers for the second mortgage. The woman was nice, but she knew nothing. She thought we could finalize our divorce now because we've been separated over six months (nine and some change, actually, 'cause I'm counting). She's wrong. Anyhow, it was pretty tolerable. I brought Gobi over since Justin hadn't seen him since I left him. Justin has a new cat--Sinai. Very spunky and friendly little kitten. What straight single man has three cats? Anyhow, it was all very comfy until I told Justin a punny blonde joke (jonathan knows the one, get him to tell you. it's old and not so funny, but I like it) and when I was done, Justin laughed and said something about how that was the kind of joke I would tell before the summer that he and I started dating. It was rather awkward, and it made me sad and frustrated and happy and upset all at the same time.

He asked me about the Boston Blog Checker, and I explained. Apparently Justin's only been reading my blog since May. He just went back and read all my past posts. He's not the BBC though.

Then, Justin called me on my way home to apologize for sending me the wrapped in cotton email. Apparently he thought he was being cute, and he just wanted me to have the fiona apple music. Whatever the case, it doesn't matter anymore, I'm not upset at all now, though I was at the time.

But how awkward. So so weird. And the notary lady, who was very polite, was amazed by how well we got along. I guess that although I feel a little used by him, I don't care because I've moved on with my life. Still strange though.

Well, time for more reading and perhaps a little cleaning. I hope I get my new glasses soon. I'm not excited about having to wear them at night, but I'm please at the notion of getting cool new ones that will be a bit more comfy on the eyes.

Also, I want a kitten. A little gray one. I want to name her daisy or lilac or sunshine. But I really really want one. :(


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