Wednesday, August 24, 2005

change of plans

so, instead of calling this a blog, I'm thinking about changing it to something about the medical adventures of CRR.

Whadda ya think?

The beach was very fun. We had a very good time. Who knew that riding around on the sand in a jeep with the top down and the doors off could be so darn fun. I lost at putt-putt, but I schooled Dan in some fooz-ball. And we drank heavily while watching the first season of The Sopranos, taking a drink every time they said "f*ck." Ooh, and we played drinking Candyland, which was really more drinking while playing Candyland, but it was still pretty fun. And one of the girls entered a Hawaiian Tropic Bikini contest while I was there (and lost, but entered again last night, apparently, because she so should have been second place in the first one). All in all, quite a lot of fun. The house was like 200 yards from the beach with four bedrooms, a kitchen, a nice sunporch, a game room, lots of decks and a hot tub (complete with a skeezy man in the house behind checking people out with a telescope). I had quite the kick-ass time.

Which brings me back to tales of the medical side. I think I'm allergic to the sun. Or, more accurately, that I have PMLE. You can read up on it, or not, your choice. But thank-goodness and unfortunately, I'm going to the dermatologist today to get that mole re-removed, so I'm gonna ask him. I've ruled out new food allergies (I had a turkey sandwich, water, banana, orange juice and coffee that day before the rash developed) and anything topical, since I've used those lotions before. I had on SPF 45 and sat under a rather cute umbrella most of the day--and that umbrella said it gave an SPF of 50. I reapplied reapplied reapplied.

So, that's my medical update for the day. Which is quite terrible, seeing as how I used to tell myself that everything could be worse, I should be thankful i'm not allergic to the sun. And now, it seems as though I might be.

Think happy thoughts for me a 1130 EDT, if you would. I'm nervous since I sometimes faint when I get shots (which is out of my control, incase you didn't know) and I think it's going to hurt a lot afterwards. But thank goodness it's Wednesday, and this weekend isn't chock full of events...


Mr. Junk said...

Man, my sister is allergic to the sun. I havea a hamster for a brother and a vampire for a sister! I think therapy is in order...

Anyway, Mom mentioned on the way up here that fabic has been developed that works like sunblock, minus the sweating off part. So you might look into that. Maybe a really big straw hat and dainty little gloves.

It's either that or going ahead and embracing that whole damned by the sun abomination of the night vampire thing. But hey, at least your fashion options are wider. Either bondage leather or outdated lacey dresses. Or both. Bondage lace? Outdated leather (I dunno how leather can be outdated, maybe it's like out of T-Rex or kitten).

I digress.

Renee said...

hey! i think i'm allergic to the sun too! i think that's what the rashes on my upper arms and chest are all about. man, that sucks.

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