Thursday, August 25, 2005

ow and double ow.

So, that whole mole thing? Muuuuuuuch more bad than I thought. Muuuuuuch.

I almost passed out on the operating table. I cried quite a bit, and almost vomited, and they had to hold an ice pack to my head. Plus, I could feel them yanking with the stiches, and that wasn't good for the ol' stomach either. They should give you a valium or something. And I'm gonna have a scar on my back. And Otto is not impressed by this fellow's work at all, apparently. By the way, he gets mucho fantastic points for 1) being patient, 2) getting me sushi for dinner yesterday and 3) changing my bandage for me. He's been really really nice about this. Especially considering that I've been a big baby about it. But eight stiches hurt! And they had to treat my mole like it was melanoma, because the pathologist's report suggested that it might have signs of melanoma in situ. And it was dysplastic compound nevis (SEVERE) not just a little-bit-scary-so-let's-cut-a-tinge-deeper mole. I wish they had warned me over the phone. I do so SO much better when I know what's coming. How else would I get through root canals? A shot in the mouth is totally worse, and that big plastic and metal thing they use to isolate your tooth? Yeah, more miserable. But I know what to expect, so I don't freak out.

Even Gobi could tell I was unhappy, I think. I say this because about halfway through the night he moved from sleeping by my head to sleeping by my stomach. He was even half-under the blanket, which he usually can't stand.

I'm very tempted to go back to sleep. I think I might come home early.

What about this blog title--derring-do, dalliance or disease? Ha!

And Jonathan, I don't completely get the joke either. I believe it has something to do with how severe the autism is, so where the person falls on the level of severity. And it was more of a pun than a joke, methinks. And yes, Jessica, I'll send it to you when I'm done.

Oh, and I'm not a vampire. I don't ignite and/or die when exposed to sunlight. I do, however, get a bit of a rash on my chest, apparently. And the doctor thought I might be allergic to my sunblock, but since I've used that kind before I doubt it. Or maybe this is all a big cover so i can begin my night-crawling days. ;)


sadkingjonathan said...

Well, there's vampirism and vampirism. Some Vampires aren't affected by sunlight but can only move in straight lines along the cardinal directions. My grandfather, Francis Sanzalone, is allergic to sunlight. He gets these big hives and says 'goddamit' a lot. Dudn't keep him from whippin' off his shirt, though.

Sterling said...

My great uncle was a vampire, until he went vacationing in Hawaii, and promptly burst into flames the second he stepped off the plane.

True story.

No, seriously. Hawaii's got a spell on it, and the second a vampire steps off a plane, he bursts into flames. Look it up, ya jerks.

Mr. Junk said...

Does the Hawaii Ward vs. Kindred (Vampire: The Masquerade terminology) work if they get off a boat? What if they parachute? Maybe a hanglider? I'm only asking because I'd be sad if my vampire sister could never get to go to Hawaii.

Otto gets an Adam Point for tending Carrie. Adam Points are redeemible for small favors from me or large ones for many points. At ten points it becomes much more difficult to get Adam Points, and the going rate for my first born child is 50 points. These points can be taken away for totally uncool words and deeds, and it is the recipient's duty to keep track of their total number of points.

Yes, I have a weird little thing going here. I see it as a way to encourage awesome behavior and discourage shitastic behavior.

I hope you feel better soon sis.

Sterling said...

I thought I was pretty clear when I said, "...the second a vampire steps off a plane, he bursts into flames."

I'm sure it excludes all other forms of travel.


Mr. Junk said...

Hey, I'm all about clarifications and loopholes. So sis, you CAN go to Hawaii, but you have to take a boat. Or get carried off the plane. Those are the specifics. But Costa Rica is cooler anyway. even though I've never been to Hawaii.

Renee said...

yes, the autism spectrum...there are many disorders that fall on the autism spectrum (asperger's, autism, etc), yeah, a pun.

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