Friday, July 22, 2005

foot in mouth or blog-shaped chip on the shoulder?

So, I’ve had a hell of a week. Heck, hell, darn-tootin' son of a gun, however you like it. I looked into something, and the result has left me horribly insulted by someone who, well, didn’t need to insult me, horribly or otherwise. I can't really explain why he shouldn't be insulting me without insulting him, ergo I will just stop talking about the insults and their inadequate justifications. Anyway, I looked into something, and now all I want to know is who’s reading my blog in Boston. It doesn’t matter, really, but letting me know would sure either let me know that I need to pull my foot out of my mouth long enough to apologize, or use it to kick something really really hard.

As they say in the Never-ending Story, “not that it matters…but, yes.” And that’s how I feel about wanting to know. It doesn’t matter, but this wouldn’t be the first time someone accused me of being overly-curious. For the record, though, I do wish the person who insulted me hadn't taken things so negatively--I didn't mean for them to be negative. Oh well.

Anyhoo. Work is work-ee. People keep talking to me like I’m dying or I’ve become a traitor or something. And my new boss might think I’m a tinge on the overachiever side since I called to ask her if there’s anything I can read to be better prepared for my job. She was floored, actually. But now I have some light reading about Palladium catalysts and polymer membranes, so hopefully my brain will be less hungry for some thinking after I’m done with those.

I’m ALMOST done reading THHGttG. I’m on Mostly Harmless now. So Long and Thanks for All the Fish was tremendously funny, much more than I recalled from before. And when I'm done with that, it's time for some Harry Potter. Or maybe Scott Pilgrim first and then Harry Potter so someone doesn't wig out *cough, cough*

I talked to Kendall yesterday. It’s been a while. I wish I had spent more time talking to him in high school. I remember when people made us stand back to back to show that Kendall’s shoulders were actually narrower than mine. That, and his pink car. I really enjoyed doing the Neil Simon duet for that competition with him though—that was fun.

Right, anyway.

So, I need to back up for a minute. To tell you two Justin things. 1. He’s been reading my blog. He told me so himself. 2. I went to the violent femmes on Saturday and had an excellent time. I bought a shirt, but it’s too big. And I saw Justin. Within 15 seconds of arriving. There were hundreds, maybe 1500-2000 people there, and who do I walk within feet of after being there for 15 seconds? Justin. He was with a girl. She looked kind of cute. Hope he’s doing well.

Oh, and I bought the wrong computer. But it only cost me $4.16 to ship it back! Yay for corporate discounts on shipping. The only thing that truly sucks is that I have to wait for them to credit my account before I can buy a new one. Yeesh. But I’ve got it all picked out, and it’s the correct one this time. It’s all gonna work out, I just have to be patient. Very, very patient.

I’m going to enroll in thermo very soon. I’ve decided to take thermo this fall. I really think I should maybe wait, since I need to focus on work, but I also know that I just need to get used to it. But man, grad thermo. Yuck. I think I’ll be okay as long as I keep up with it, and as long as it makes sense.

This weekend I’m going to the beach, and to visit Otto’s grandmother. I’m making her Cashew Chicken with fried rice. Thanks again, Sterling, for being the impetus for my new culinary endeavor in fried rice. It’s so yummy!!!

Speaking of Sterling, he found the damn coolest accessory ever. I want one BAD. In pink. I’m not sure about the belt color though. But boy oh boy do I want one. Isn’t it super friggin’ cool?

and on that note, I’m out. And don’t worry all you mother-type people out there, I’ll wear sunblock and my cute straw hat if we go to the beach, and I’ll drink lots of water and buckle my seatbelt and all that jazz. Or opera. Or reggae. Or whatever.


Mr. Junk said...

Steel grey with a black belt. That would be awesome, if largely redneck. But not too much more than my current belt, which I've had (and worn almost constantly) for over eleven years. I mean WOW. People buy CARS more often than I replace belts.

What's "thermo?" Is it like thermal underwear? A thermometer? Thermodynamics maybe?

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