Monday, July 25, 2005

there's not even a good title for this one

Wow, what a weekend. Good, but wow.

I saw a dwarf sperm whale this weekend. Up close and personal. I touched it, even. It was so sad. It was really old, and the marine biologists thought it might be a female. It had so many injuries--most of them healed--but it was bleeding internally, and it had gone up into the marsh grass to die. It made me sad. But it had lived a long life, and now the body is going to science instead of to the sharks. Apparently it's a very very rare animal, and they don't know much about it.

I also saw a bird die this weekend. Ran smack into my car on the highway. It even left feathers in the opening between the hood of my car and the nose of it. Very sad. I hope it died quickly.

I've decided that sunblock is heavenly. Yes, heavenly. I mean, I know it's a bunch of chemicals that are icky, but I spent four hours at the beach and only my arms got burned--and more specifically, only the parts that were mostly above the water when I swam in the ocean for 45 minutes. I think that's just swell. Also, the umbrella helped the rest of the time. But all in all, only the arms.

Well, sort of.
So, I now can completely relate to why that woman sued McDonalds. Because dammit, coffee hurts. A LOT. Yesterday I was eating breakfast (PS-go to Lowe's foods if you've got on and buy a butter rum muffin--soooooo good) and had coffee with it. It was sitting on a little woven coaster thing, and I'm clumsy as can be, so of course I knocked it over. Onto the table, no biggie. Until my full cup of coffee started pouring over the side and onto my legs. It hurt so much. :( I'm feeling much much better now--I think that putting the ice and solarcaine on it so quickly helped a lot--but man that was terrible. Hopefully wearing pants won't hurt today. And fortunately, it only hurt a little in the sun. Even when I tried to skim board (and bit it hard, face first. It's been a weekend of injuries. Maybe that would have been a good title)

Ah, 72 more hours at kruger. And I think I'll get to re-order my computer tomorrow. Silly me. Oh well.

And thermo is thermodynamics, Adam. Google it, 'cause if I tell you I'll sound like an absolute nerd...


Mr. Junk said...

Riiight... like I didn't already KNOW that you're a complete nerd. I'm one to be talking though. I just spent ten hours playing Dungeons & Dragons...

Sterling said...

Ten hours?!?! Holy crap!

I spent 6 hours reorganizing parts of my comic book collection this weekend...

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