Friday, July 15, 2005

ah, relief...

or is that the antibiotics talking?

yes, I'm sick. Again. But it's not sinus-related this time, which is swell. I should feel much better by tomorrow, sayeth my doc. But in the meantime, the meds are wiping me out. Not so fun, you know?

Okay, so you know what stinks? In order to get the info off my hard drive I have to have them break the seal on the plates, right? Well, breaking the seal voids the warranty I have on it. So, um, I'm not so sure what the warranty is worth, really. I mean, unless you only store data on your hard drive that you don't actually want. Then you can give the nice hard drive replacement people your broken hard drive, chock full of your not-so-valuable data, and they'll give you a new one some horribly long time later. Absurd, I think.

So, since I need/want my stuff, I guess I'm going to have to suck it up and not only pay for data retrieval, but also buy a new external hard drive. Maybe I should charge a $1 fee every time someone reads my blog--yeah, that's the ticket! I'd have money in no time, I think. Well, okay, maybe not. But you can't fault me for trying.

I told my boss that I was leaving, and he took it pretty well. It was rather surprising though, because instead of offering me more money to stay as an AE he offered to get me a position in Process. I'm not going to do that, but it was good of him to offer, and I know he'd make it happen if I asked him. Which is nice. He's also appreciative of my giving him more than two weeks. Even April, who I figured would (understandably) go into crazy-stress mode, was happy for me. We'll see how the next few weeks pan out. I'm mailing in my acceptance letter today. I'm excited about my new salary AND my new title Chemical Engineer 2. I'm still rather thrilled about already being promoted. I mean, I know that they could have done it soon after I started working, and that would have been good too, but this is a nice little extra pat on the back.

So, I think I'm going to go see the Violent Femmes this weekend. For free downtown, that is--with Sponge. I wasn't going to, but that's 'cause I thought that Naughty by Nature was playing, and they're not. It's the Violent Femmes. Who I really really like quite a lot. So, um, that's my plan for the weekend. That and sleep and paint. I bought a mondo-hugeish canvas and I'm painting poppies on it. Speaking of which, do any of you artsy folks (even those of you who say that you don't read my blog and still do) know where I can get a square canvas? Like, 24x24 or bigger? I tired, and they had some, but they were unassembled and the shipping was insane. We don't have Hobby Lobbies here :( so that's a no go, and Michael's only had a 12x12 (but it had a three inch "creative edge" on the side, so I just might go pick one of those up too). Dick Blick had something, but with shipping it was going to be $25 for a single canvas, and I just can't pony up for that.

And yes, I'm on a painting kick. Otto keeps encouraging me to do it, which is awesome. Apparently people kind of like my paintings, which is just great as far as I'm concerned.

Okay, time to get dressed. (I blog in a towel. Yes, really. Well, at least in the morning I do.) And go tell my boss that I'm definitely leaving. And hope that there's no fire today. April and I busted our respective asses the whole damn day to get stuff done. We got a thank you from the big cheese for it, and even Todd was impressed. But it means I need to play catch-up today. Plus, April is out of town today, so I have all of my things plus two of hers that she couldn't finish. Crazy stuff. I wish I had my music. Cds aren't the same. Time for clothes and coffee (Java Daves, actually, though I'm almost out and need someone to send me more. I'll have to check in to that).

Enjoy your friday. And don't forget:
Why do elephants paint their toenails red?

So they can hide in cherry trees. ;)


sadkingjonathan said...

Well, well, well. My arch-foe, Carrie. Sorry I didn't talk to you during poker night, but I couldn't hear anything but bursts of static and bar noise. I thought Sterling was making me listen to his bear foam or summat.

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