Tuesday, October 09, 2012

since all I can talk about is babies...

I'm going to talk about not-babies. Ready?

Even more so than I was before, I am OBSESSED with sparkling water. I found a local farmer who makes syrups to put in unflavored sparkling water, and I have an actual bevy of flavors of l@ croix waters too. Yes, I said bevy.

I am currently reading aloud to the smallest person in our household (I avoided the word baby, SEE?!?!)  I was going to read her Charlotte's Web since it was once upon a time my very favorite book, and was also the first chapter book I read by myself. (an aside--I read the book in like a week in first grade. we were supposed to read along with the class. and I got in TROUBLE for being ahead in reading. this was a trend. third grade, fifth grade, tenth grade...and many times between, I am sure. learning faster than your classmates is, apparently, horrid at TPS. yeah, yeah, I get the whole discipline part of things, but for reals?!)

However...I couldn't find my copy or get one for my kindle. And I chose it because of the awesome vocab in it. So instead? Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. Terribly sciencey, a huge vocab used in the book and right now? She doesn't care. So I'm reading it. And omitting his cussing. :)

Oh, remember this? Yeah, I am crazy obsessed with mellowcreme pumpkins right now. Like, I've eaten four bags (with help) since they  came out.

The other night, I ate a whoopie pie, had a glass of wine and held the smallest human in the house. And I talked about mason jars. It was like I suddenly became southern.

BOULEVARD WHEAT is HERE, friends! In one year my fave icecream AND fave beer arrived in my state. Not to mention my favorite daughter, favorite aunt, favorite in-laws, favorite all sorts of things. I probably sounded like a raging alcoholic when I expressed my enthusiasm...and since buying it have had one beer. But seriously....it's imported from KANSAS :) And it makes me happy. Mission for tomorrow: buy a lemon and REALLY have one!

I am such--nay, SUCH--a mom. It took me forever to come up with things to mention so as to avoid discussing breastmilk and pumps and bottles and pumping bras. And that's just the list on a single subject!


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