Tuesday, October 09, 2012

holy crazy growth spurt, batman!

On the second night after coming home from the hospital (so Sunday night) Cleona cluster fed. She ate about every 45-70 min for four hours. It meant she slept/stopped for like 10-30 min each time before wanting to eat again. It was AWFUL. Thankfully, the pedi told us how to get her to do that in the day instead of the night. Plus I knew how much she needed it, and my milk was coming in, so it was tolerable.

She has had a couple of growth spurts now but this one takes the cake. LOTS of feeding. Last night she basically fed for 2.5 hours straight. I'm blogging at 6am because she just finished feeding from ~440 until now. CRAZY.

I need a nap. Hopefully she is done for real and I can get some sleep.

Also, if I needed motivation to learn to nurse on my side, this is totally it. YAWN.


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